Top Things to do in Tokyo

Top Things to do in Tokyo
over 1 year ago

A busy city of Japan is known for many attractions for kids and adults. Dive into the history of Japan by visiting museums and beautiful temples.

Tokyo offers classic attraction to the tourists who visit Japan. It has world-class infrastructure with amazing rails and subway networks. There are many museums, sports club to visit along with many entertainment activities such as sumo wrestling, music, theatre, pop and rock concerts. Tokyo is one of the expensive cities to live in the world but the aura of this city will make you fall in love with it. City's official website here


1. Take a visit to the Royal family residing at The Imperial Palace: A beautiful palace with many gardens must be visited during early mornings. Take a guide to dive into the history where this palace was damaged severely due to wars. Take a wall around the walls and moats to appreciate the beauty of this palace.

2. Shop at Ginza District: One of the busiest shopping areas in Japan offers many tea and coffee shops, exclusive Palatial stores, famous theatres such as Kabuki-za. This is a shopping paradise on Earth and on the weekends, it becomes the world’s largest pedestrian. Visit this place and watch the amazing crowd here

Top Things to do in Tokyo

Ginza Shopping District

3. Get a different experience at the Senso-ji Temple: A Buddhist temple which is famous for its Incense Vat is known to heal your ailments. You will find many people applying the smoke to their body parts. The temple is well luminated in the night which will fascinate you completely.

4. Visit the superb National Museum of Nature and Science: An oldest museum of Japan has many interactive displays of space, transportation and the nuclear energy. You can learn about the technological advancement of the country here. The museum also houses many robotics and vintage vehicles.

Top Things to do in Tokyo

The National Museum of Nature and Science

5. Relax at Ueno Park and Zoo: A green space which is like a paradise of Tokyo has lovely gardens, temples and museums. Visit the Toshogu Shrine which has stone lanterns. This is a wonderful place to visit with kids. It has the Asia’s largest aquarium called Aqua-Zoo which is totally awesome

Top Things to do in Tokyo

Ueno Park and Zoo

Don’t miss these top things to do in the financial city of Japan. It has many other museums and attractions which will make your trip a memorable one!