Top Things to do in Beijing

Top Things to do in Beijing
over 1 year ago

Beijing is a classic place to visit as it has everything to offer - beautiful gardens, UNESCO heritage site visits, historical treasures. Don't miss them!

Beijing located in northern China, the capital of the world's second-largest economy, the People's Republic of China is a famous tourist spot among travelers because of its modern and ancient development. It is the main political, economic and cultural center of China. Beijing has an advanced transportation system, an advanced rail network, a developed road network, and motorways which makes it very convenient for the tourist to travel without any hustle. Visit city's official website here


There are many things to visit and to do in Beijing. Here, is a list to must visit places in Beijing and what things or activities to do during a visit to Beijing.

1. Saunter at The Great Wall Of China: Enjoy the splendid view by taking a walk at the Great Wall of China. Explore Jade Factory, Ming Tombs and Tea Room. Take a guide and dive into the history of China.

Top Things to do in Beijing

The Great Wall of China

2. Dive into history at the Palace Museum: A beautiful place with massive area which is full of Chinese History. Find a right guide who will let you explore this beautiful city. The buildings, trees, walk around the wall will make this visit worthwhile.

3. Go weak on your knees by shopping at Panjiayuan Antique Market: One can visit the Panjiayuan Antiques Market to buy the antiques. This market contains antique Chinese items related to China's ancient culture. You can find Jade dragons, jewellery, etc.

Top Things to do in Beijing

Panjiayuan Antique Market

4. Peace out at Lama Temple: One can also visit the Lama Temple, which is a famous Buddhist Temple. This temple was originally built for the third Qing Dynasty Emperor, Prince Yongzheng.

5. Visit the Summer Palace: Relax yourself at the Summer Palace. Take a boat and enjoy the ride. This palace is extremely beautiful which has a temple of Buddha, huge collection of gardens, historical

Top Things to do in Beijing

The Summer Palace

Beijing is rich in the cultural and historical heritages which are a must visit. It is not wrong to say Beijing as Mini China. Don't miss out these top things to do in Beijing