Top Things to do in Munich

Top Things to do in Munich
over 1 year ago

Munich will give you an insight into the rich history of Germany. All the iconic landmarks are wonderfully constructed. Don't miss these top things to do!

Munich, a cosmopolitan city located in Germany. This city is full of architectural museums, beautiful churches which was constructed during the 20th century. All these iconic landmarks of Munich are located in the Old Town and at a walk able distance. You can catch the glimpse of the entire city from the top of St. Peter’s Church and Rathaus. Munich holds two-week long beer festival during autumn which is worldwide famous. City's official website here

Top Things to Do in Munich

1. A view from the top of Neues Rathaus: The city hall of Munich is a recommended place to visit in Munich. This magnificent building chimes when the clock strikes 12. It has many cafes and restaurants. Climb to the top of this tower to view the entire city of Munich.

Top Things to do in Munich

Neues Rauthas

2. The salad bowl of Munich; BMW Museum: Visit this awesome museum which shows the entire development of the brand. It houses many vintage cars, bikes, turbines with a lot of information on the technology part. You can visit the showroom of BMW i.e. BMW Welt where you can take a test drive.

Top Things to do in Munich

BMW Museum

3. Take a dive into the history through Nymphenburg Palace: This beautiful palace is one of the major tourist attractions in Munich. It has many galleries, grand halls, garden pavilion. It is one of the biggest royal palaces in the continent with admirable landscapes.

Top Things to do in Munich

Nymphenburg Palace

4. Bike or cycle or job at the English Park: This park is bigger than New York’s Central Park with 370 hectares of lawn. This urban park has tree groves, waterways and lake which makes it a perfect place for picnic.

Top Things to do in Munich

English Park

5. Ski in the Olympics Park: As the name suggests, this park was constructed for 1970’s Olympics. Today, it is a big attraction in Munich as you can take part in the water sports, zip line over the park and ski in winters.

Munich is a city with many things to do. You need a couple of days to cover the city’s major attraction which includes Allizans Arena, St. Peters Church, Bavarian National Museum, Asam Church. The rich culture and historical landmarks will make you fall in love with this part of Germany.