Top things to do in Helsinki

Top things to do in Helsinki
about 1 year ago

Are you planning to visit to Helsinki? Make sure that you don't these top things to do in Helsinki for a wonderful experience.

Finland's capital Helsinki is a vibrant country which will you an experience that just cannot be described in words. It is not a cold or gray city but a city full of lovely food, cool cafes and rich Sauna. Helsinki has a charming atmosphere which will make you fall in love with this place and trust us when we say that there is no other place like Helsinki in the world. Visit city's official website here


1. Take a day trip to Suomenlinna: Suomenlinna is a giant maritime fortress which can be easily reached by ferry. It was a military structure in the mid-1800s and today it has become a UNESCO’s world heritage site. This place has a lot to offer to the people who visit here – the lush green beauty, the museums, the dry dock and the engineering work which is as it is since 1800’s.

2. Enjoy the panoramic views from Helsinki Cathedral: This magnificent church is one of the the best sightseeing places in Helsinki. The architecture, plain interiors, wonderful view of the city from the top and amazing food stalls make it all worth a visit.

Top things to do in Helsinki

Helsinki Cathedral

3. Offer a prayer at Temppeliaukio: A church that is made into a big rock with a ceiling covered with copper wires. A rare Church in the world which is a must visit if you are an architectural lover. This masterpiece is completely craved out of rocks which will totally amaze you.

4. Saunter through the winter garden: A perfect visit during winters as it is warm and humid. This place has more than 200 different exotic flowers and plants which makes it a perfect picnic spot. It is a must visit place during the winters.

Top things to do in Helsinki

The Winter Garden

Stroll around Old Market Hall: The striking byzantine revival building is the most amazing spot of the market hall. There are many food stalls which offers great breakfast and lunch. The soups available here is mind blowing which will make you visit the place again and again during your trip.

Helsinki has many shows which are amazing to watch – so don’t miss them while you are in this city that will give you amazing experiences like no other.