Top things to do in Prague

Top things to do in Prague
over 1 year ago

A land with rich past has some historical landmarks and sites which you just cannot miss! Don't miss out these top things to do in Prague....

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic has temperate climate making it tourist’s most liked destination. It is one of the cultural centers of Europe. The city is famous for its immaculate architecture and rich history. It is the perfect holiday spot for all the people who are interested in learning and gaining knowledge. So, mark this place on your map for the next visit.


1. Travel through Old Town Square: It is famous for its exciting history and beautiful architecture. The square has not changed much since the 12th century. It offers the bird eye view of the city and you can watch the Prague Astronomical Clock strike an hour as well. Apart from this, there are vibrant restaurants and street performances to keep you engaged throughout.

2. Saunter across Charles Bridge: A walk at the Charles Bridge is a must. It is the most memorable thing you can do in Prague. The bridge is lined by several amazingly crafted statues which you will absolutely love. So, stroll around the bridge and explore the design of 14th century Bridge.

Top things to do in Prague

Charles Bridge

3. Visit the record holder Prague Castle: The Castle which was originally the home of Czech rulers is now official residence of the President. It has stood there for more than thousand years now. The breathtaking view of the castle will leave you stunned and the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Lane and the Royal Palace in the castle grounds will give you the glimpse of its rich past.

Top things to do in Prague

Prague castle

4. Admire the Nightlife: If you travel to Prague, you just cannot miss the nightlife. The nightlife of Prague has got it all. You will have a nice evening with live music and good food. Do check out the JazzDock and Cross Club.

5. Don’t miss the Letna Park: The park is situated at river embankment of Letna hill. So, climb up to the hill and witness another view of Prague. You can also sit back and relax and watch skateboarders performing various stunts.

Don't miss on any of these top things to do in Prague. Let us know about your experiences.