Fascinating Halifax Tour

Fascinating Halifax Tour

A city full of lovely gardens, pubs offering an experience like no other. Don't forget to do some adventurous sporting here!

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, a Canadian Province. The favorite spot for every visitor is its public spaces especially the urban gardens and the city squares. The city’s historical importance can be witnessed in the form of various art galleries and museums. So, take a tour to this beautiful city in Canada and you’ll never regret your visit. City's official website here


1. Saunter through the Public Gardens:

Public Gardens are Halifax’s most cherished possession. They are on every visitor’s list. Visitors experience the serenity and warmness in the garden. You must visit the gardens if you are a nature lover and stroll through the garden to find numerous fountains, statues, innumerable species of trees and plants and vibrant flowers.

Fascinating Halifax Tour

Public Garden

2. Visit the Spooky Citadel:

Spooky Citadel is Canada’s most visited national historical site. It is the commanding hill overlooking the Halifax harbors having great history. So, if you are tad bit interested in history, you must visit this place and explore the stone walls, take a ghost tour and cherish the gun firing.

3. Take a ride to Farmers’ Market:

It is the longest operating Farmers’ Market since 1750. The visitors will see a two-storey market providing fresh produce, stalls supplying delicious desserts, garden fresh juices. You can spend your day picking up the best flowers and wooden products. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Fascinating Halifax Tour

Farmers Market

4. Explore the Nightlife:

The nightlife in Halifax is unmissable. You can find the best maritime pubs with live music, good food and set the stage on fire. Be a part of boat parties happening at the Halifax harbor and enjoy the entire night. Also, visit the casinos and pubs to experience the energy and enthusiasm.

5. Get your adventurous side out:

Halifax offers various adventure sports to the dauntless people like you. Choose from the different water activities like boating, surfing or paddle boarding and get started. You can also go on hiking, biking or ice skating in the city.

Don't miss any of these while in Halifax!