Cool Things To Do In Berlin

Cool Things To Do In Berlin

So many incredible things to do in Berlin! We have listed top 7 things to do in Berlin which will make this trip worth it...

Why Berlin?

Berlin is a city rich in history, rich in fun and and rich in night life.

From enjoying city views to rich museums to glass dome to zoo trip, Berlin's quirky activities will be an unforgettable trip!

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Top Things To Do in Berlin

1. Reichstag

The highlight of this Parliament is its glass dome as internally it is lined with glass catching mirrors. Take a guided tour to Reichstag to understand about the architecture of the building and government of Berlin.

Cool Things To Do In Berlin


2. Museum Island

Museum is a classic retreat for those who want to go back to Berlin's history and explore the Islamic art, sculpture collection etc.

3. Enjoy picnicking at the Berlin airport

Berlin's airport named Tempelhofer Feld is widely used for kite flying, biking, pedal car, cycling and can serve an excellent one day trip to relax and enjoy the outdoor activities.

Cool things to do in Berlin

Tempelhofer's Park

5. Don't miss Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo which is a land to the Pandas, Polar bear, hundreds of flying birds and the Penguin World which resembles the world of Antarctica.


Berlin Zoo

6. Memorial  of Murdered Jews

You shouldn't miss this memorial of Jews when in Berlin. Constructed by Peter Eisenman's, this memorial consists of 2,711 slabs. This memorial is built in such a way that it causes confusion among the Jews. There is a visitor center which contains heartbreaking stories of the Jews.

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When in Berlin, don't miss these top 7 things to do!