Top 7 ways in which Artificial Intelligence helps improve Marketing Automation

Top 7 ways in which Artificial Intelligence helps improve Marketing Automation

Marketing is the team that creates opportunities for the organization. The marketing team works hard to generate those potential leads

Marketing is the team that creates opportunities for the organization. The marketing team works hard to generate those potential leads, which later gets passed to the sales team for further action.

While the marketing team works hard, it is essential to equip them with the right technology to work smarter. Automation of the marketing process cuts down a tremendous amount of time and cost and enables the team to focus on more strategic issues requiring their attention.

For example, recruitment teams across the globe utilize an Applicant Tracking System to automate most of their hiring tasks so that they can focus on more strategic tasks at hand.

The market offers a variety of marketing automation tools with tons of exciting features and costs.

Automation of marketing helps teams to streamline their processes, workflows and manage metrics, among many other things. One of the best things that happen with a B2B marketing automation tool is that it helps align the sales and marketing teams and optimize the B2B CRM.

There are many benefits of using a B2B marketing automation tool; however, Lead nurturing, segmentation, campaign management, and a few others are the top uses.

"Study suggests that 53% of the B2B organizations have already implemented marketing automation and 37% of them are planning on implementing it."

Five uses of B2B marketing automation that offers high-impact results

1 . Lead nurturing

Email marketing enables you to guide leads through the acquisition cycle. In the B2B world, potential leads take time to trust and require a lot of understanding about the product/ service before making the final purchase call. Email marketing enables the team to keep the lead interested once they sign up to the list and safely pass it on to the sales team for the following process. Lead nurturing helps teams to stay connected with interested leads and strategize the marketing content and tactics. Email sequencing and downloadable webinar signups are easy to manage with B2B marketing automation workflows. Studies suggest that companies using marketing automation can increase their lead generation by upto 451% check out B2B Lead generation services

2. Lead scoring

While lead nurturing is essential, choosing the right lead into the sales funnel is also vital. Timing is critical in the acquisition cycle for a B2B marketer, and the lead scoring method helps assign the scores to each lead based on the engagement level.

A lead's score goes up based on the interactions and a growing interest in the brand through product page browsing and clicking on email links. Some of the marketing automation tools in the market enable users to trigger specific emails based on the lead score. A study by Marketing Sherpa suggested that lead scoring allows users to increase their lead generation by 77% compared to those who were not using it.

3. Multi-channel campaigns

Marketing automation enables users to trigger automated communications to a variety of channels. However, it is best to master automation for one channel at a time rather than use it with multiple channels. For example, users can begin email nurture campaigns and slowly move on to multi-channel campaigns.

Through B2B marketing automation targeting multi-channel automation to target leads at various touch points becomes a lot easier. For example, social media sites, email, and SMS are channels where simultaneous campaigns are possible. But it would be best to experiment and choose the channel that works best with the target audience.For an instance, if your target audience is on linkedIn and you want to make the most out of this platform, you can always use LinkedIn automation tools available in the market.

4. Segmentation

Marketing automation enables users to update their CRM and contact list. Segmentation based on the activity, engagement, and other characteristics helps to strategize, design, and launch campaigns accordingly. Email list segmentation helps to improve engagement. Automated list management helps to save time.

Users can create automation workflows to add contacts to specific lists based on email engagement and web page visits. While some marketing automation platforms offer a CRM feature, a few others enable integrations. Either way, it is essential to keep the database updated.

You can easily segment your list with Easysendy to reach out effectively to boost conversion.

5. Page tracking

Tracking customer behaviour on the website and setting up B2B campaign triggers is termed page tracking. Potential leads visit specific landing pages and click on the links of their interest. Installing a tracking code helps you to track what the lead is browsing on your website.

Once you have set up tracking, strategizing content based on the leads' interest becomes easier. In addition, segmentation helps businesses to design personalized content. A recent survey by Epsilon suggested that 80% of the customers expect a customized brand experience.

Choosing the best B2B marketing automation software

Marketing automation has made the life of a marketer a lot easier. However, the market offers a variety of features with different price plans. While a few of them are more suitable for small businesses, others are an excellent fit for large enterprises.

Marketing automation software like Aritic pinpoint offers features like social monitoring, integrations, mobile automation, chatbots, and a few others that enable users to track their behaviour and interests and target them on multiple channels based on the information. Features, ease of use, and pricing plans are the key deciding factors to choose the best suitable B2B marketing automation software for your business.


The tips mentioned above are helpful for businesses to drive more sales through B2B marketing automation. Whether it is lead nurturing or salesforce integration, every marketing automation software offers tons of valuable features that enable businesses to strategize and design their content to maximize their sales potential.

Some providers offer forever free plans that cover the basic features, while a few others offer free trials for a limited time. Upgrading, downgrading, and cancellations of subscription plans are easy. In addition, features like social monitoring help companies track ad campaign performance.

The anonymous nurturing feature helps users track the browser information and nurture anonymous visitors through retargeted ads. Businesses of all sizes are sure to benefit by implementing a B2B marketing automation software. Hope the tips mentioned above are helpful for you to optimize your automation software and maximize revenue.