I've been using this cream for 5-nights in a row. It seems be working but I'm supposed to do a 5-week course. Right now I have sensitivity on my scalp to the p

Apply sufficient cream to cover the treatment area and rub it in until it vanishes. Do this three times a week (for example Monday, Wednesday, Friday) before going to bed. https://aldara-cream.today/buy-aldara-cream Leave the cream on for 8 hours each time, then wash it off with mild soap and water. The treatment is continued for 4 weeks and you then have a 4 week treatment-free period before your doctor reassesses your skin. If any actinic keratoses remain you will be prescribed one more 4 week course of treatment. Each treatment period should not last for longer than 4 weeks, even if you have had missed doses or rest periods in those 4 weeks.

Podofilox is a plant-based cream used to treat external genital warts and stop wart cells from growing. You should apply podofilox to the wart tissue at least twice daily for three days, then let the area rest for the remainder of the week.

You may need to repeat this treatment cycle four times. Podofilox is one of the more effective topical creams in clearing warts. According to one study , outbreaks in nearly half of the people using the cream improved by 50 percent or more. Twenty-nine percent of participants saw their warts clear completely. But like all medication, podofilox does come with side effects, including:

  • burning
  • pain
  • inflammation
  • itching
  • sores
  • blistering, crusting, or scabbing

Using a scalpel, the surgeon removes the entire tumor along with a “safety margin” of surrounding tissue and sends it to an off-site lab for analysis. The margin of skin removed depends on the thickness and location of the tumor. If the lab finds cancer cells beyond the margins, more surgery may be performed at a later date until margins are cancer-free.