No contradiction: Healthy Cuisine and Finished Product

No contradiction: Healthy Cuisine and Finished Product

Deprocessing, the trend towards high-quality finished products

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I really enjoy cooking, sometimes consuming. But in everyday life (and I also count quite a few weekends) just does not spend time. So what should I do if I want to cook fast and healthy? The solution is pretty simple. It is: finished products. But not any. The look on the label must already be for me. Luckily I'm not alone with my claim to healthy and fast food. This shows the trend towards so-called deprocessing. I translate freely with "less processing steps".

gnocchiJulia Icking, Bonn

As more and more people are interested in healthy and as natural as possible food, the manufacturers of finished products leave the old paths. They produce foods that are as little processed as possible, contain little additives and, at best, taste like they are cooked. Incidentally, the trend can be observed both on television and in the supermarket: young entrepreneurs are presenting themselves with homemade meat broth or porridge with especially gently dried fruits while hunting for investors. In the supermarket shelves with stewed stews, the Granny's basement would have done honor. A large supermarket chain recently let customers decide on the sugar content in the chocolate pudding. The majority found 30 (!) Percent less sugar than particularly tasty. That's hope!

Which finished products do I buy?

For finished products, I look closely at the list of ingredients. Very roughly I think: the shorter the better. For example gnocchi: They are dried or refrigerated. The list of ingredients in the first version reads (mostly) like the index of a chemistry book. In the cooled version, this can be significantly different: in the best case, potatoes, flour, egg and salt are included. Exactly the ingredients that I would use myself. I'm reaching for such products. And if it still has to go fast, get the gnocchi in the pan society of olive oil, onion cubes, pumpkin pieces and thyme. Ready is a quick and delicious meal.

Of course, there are more examples of finished products that I buy, such as falafel. You can buy them as powders for mixing or as ready-made balls, which you only have to tip into the pan. Again, it is worth looking at the list of ingredients, because I need neither thickening nor natural flavor. Cherry peas as a meal and / or flour, spices and in the prepared product some oil should be enough. With bread, dip and salad, that's all I need for a delicious lunch.

Oh well: I rarely buy dips finished. For that they are too fast touched: yogurt, salt, pepper and chopped herbs (in case of doubt from the freezer) - in addition a little time to pull through - finished!

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