Tips for a Healthy Easter!

Tips for a Healthy Easter!

The Easter Bunny will be here soon with a basket full of chocolate and treats! Are you ready? Here are some tips to help keep you and your family on track this

1. Make sure you eat your regular meals through the day. Don’t skip breakfast in order to save your appetite for your Easter meal and chocolate! You don’t want to show up starving.

2. Offer to bring something healthy and delicious to your Easter meal that you and the other guests can enjoy guilt free. There are so many healthy recipes out there!

3. If you are hosting your Easter gathering, find some healthy and yummy recipes that you and your guests will enjoy. There are lots of cute Easter ideas!

4. Go easy on the apps. Focus on healthy light apps vs. The calorie dense/rich apps. Save your calories for the actual meal. Focus on conversation and company vs. the food table.

5. Don’t be afraid to say “No Thank You”. Just because the food is there or offered doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

6. Savour every bite. Eat slowly, chew and enjoy your food and the company. This will not only help you eat less, but it will also help with digestion.

7. Focus on lean protein and veggies. Go light on foods that may pack a lot of calories/carbs - casseroles, dip/sauce/gravy, mashed potato, rolls, etc. Don’t avoid them if you want them - enjoy in moderation.

8. Be mindful of your serving sizes and skip going up for seconds :)

9. Pick and choose what you want to enjoy! If you know there’s a piece of pie, a hot cross bun or some chocolate calling your name, maybe skip the potato or roll with the meal. Don’t deny yourself, everything in moderation!

10. Watch your liquid calories! It’s ok to enjoy a few drinks over the holiday. Just make the best choices possible and be mindful of how much you’re consuming.

11. Make time for exercise each day. The weather is getting warmer! Get out for a family walk, hike or bike ride and enjoy some fresh air.

12. Go for healthier chocolate! Look for something high in cocao (75% or higher) - lots of antioxidants and health benefits :) Skip the cream eggs and milk chocolate!

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13. Get creative with your kids Easter baskets! Include a few Easter treats, but fill most of the basket with other fun things they will enjoy - skipping ropes, colouring books, stickers, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, puzzles, water guns, play dough, kites and beach/sand toys. So many fun ideas!

14. Don't let the Easter treats linger! Once Easter is over, get rid of the chocolate and temptation. Share them with friends, family or take them to work and share with your co-workers.

15. Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep hydrated.

16. Enjoy your Easter weekend and know that you will be back on track and into routine once the festivities are over :)

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