Exercises for Hand Arthritis

Exercises for Hand Arthritis

According to Chiropractor - Thomas Gehrmann, hand exercises can reduce arthritis pain, stiffness, and swelling while improving joint flexibility.

According to Thomas Gehrmann - Chiropractor, arthritis can be a very painful condition and is particularly difficult to manage, but certain exercises can help reduce pain andstiffness.

Here are some exercises for hand arthritis recommended by Thomas Gehrmann:

1. Hand Clench

  • Begin by straightening the fingers out.
  • Slowly bend the hand into a fist.
  • Keep the thumb on the outside of the hand.
  • Hold this position for a couple of seconds, then repeat says Thomas Gehrmann.
  • Do around 10 reps once per day. People can do so more regularly if the exercise is comfortable and pain-free.

2. Thumb and Finger Lift

  • Place the hands on a table, palm down and body-width apart.
  • Begin by lifting the thumbs off the table as far as is comfortable and holding for 5 seconds, then rest.
  • Repeat with the index finger, then the following fingers in turn.
  • While one finger is raised, make sure that the others remain flat.
  • Complete 10 sets around twice per day, recommended by Chiropractor, Thomas Gehrmann.

3. Thumb Stretch

  • Looking at the palm of the hand, relax the fingers into a neutral position.
  • Bend the thumb across the palm, touching the bottom of the small finger. If this is difficult, just stretch as far as possible.
  • Repeat multiple times with each hand.

4. Finger and Thumb Touch

  • From the same position as the thumb stretch, bring the tip of the thumb together with the tip of each finger one by one.
  • Complete 10 sets twice per day on each hand.

5. Side-to-side Wrist Bend

  • Place the forearm flat on a table, with the palms of the hands facing down.
  • Bend the wrist as far as possible to the left, hold for 2 seconds, then bend the wrist back to the center.
  • Repeat this movement to the right, hold for 2 seconds, then move back to the center. This is one set.
  • Complete 10 sets twice per day on each hand recommended by Chiropractor, Thomas Gehrmann.

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