2022 Isuzu V-Cross : Advanced Safety Technology

2022 Isuzu V-Cross : Advanced Safety Technology

With base specification and only two-wheel drive, does Isuzu V-Cross LS-U still attractive and appealing? Absolutely Yes!

While four-wheel-drive utes are still hot in the Australian new car market, sometimes the whole four-driven-wheels thing isn't as prevalent. After all, some Australians aren't interested in off-roaders. But they still want something practical and versatile to suit everyday use. If that sounds like you, then this 2021 Isuzu V-Cross LS-U fits the bill perfectly. It starts at $41,900 and comes with a double cab body and two-wheel drive.

The 2021 Isuzu V-Cross LS-U's main competitor is the Mitsubishi Triton, which offers a comparable two-wheel drive GLX. In addition to the Mitsubishi Triton, the 2021 Isuzu V-Cross LS-U certainly has other competitors. Recently, Nissan also introduced the new 2021 Navara as a two-wheel-drive variant, while Ford's 2.2-liter Ranger XL 4x2 is available at a similar price. Of course, let's not forget Toyota's HiLux, a two-cab Workmate 4x2 with a 2.4-liter turbo-diesel engine. While the 2021 Isuzu V-Cross LS-U lacks four-wheel drive and a low-travel transfer case that limits its off-road capabilities, this two-wheel-drive variant has advantages. With base specification and only two-wheel drive, does Isuzu V-Cross LS-U still attractive and appealing? Absolutely Yes! First, in terms of price, it's $6,800 cheaper than the equivalent 4x4 models. Second, in terms of function, it's 85 kg lighter, resulting in better on-road performance and fuel economy. It is said that this model called isuzu v cross ราคา in Thail language will be cheaper in Thailand maket because of its close distance with factory.

Since the 2021 Isuzu V-Cross LS-U has a lighter suspension and payload, there is no longer a low suspension option. This vehicle has a payload of 1050kg. Although slightly smaller than the 4x4, the GVM weighs 3100kg, which is not bad by and large. Isuzu's braking and traction capacity also remains at 3,500kg, and the total mass of the two-wheel drive is reduced to 5,850kg, making it more reliable as a work ute. Based on our previous experience, the slack and torque characteristics of the power train optimize the traction unit. Although the steering can feel a bit unstable on the highway. 2021 Isuzu V-Cross LS-U's power train is unchanged and still comes with the 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine. The Isuzu can run through a six-speed automatic transmission producing 140kW at 3600 rpm and 450Nm at 1600 - 2600 rpm.

When you sit in the driver's seat, you may feel the vibration of the vehicle. This experience is very familiar especially when driving around town. While it's not as fast or as capable as others in its class, we think it's a great performer.Despite the first impression of no off-road ambition, the two-wheel drive Isuzu V-Cross does suit those who need good payload and traction. This mod also has a more flexible suspension package that can be removed to suit the individual user's needs, and it's good quality and easy to install and remove.

Moreover, 2021 Isuzu V-Cross LS-U does a nice job in the aspect of security and safety. The safety package including forward collision warning, traffic sign recognition, post-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, and lane-keep assist. And more importantly, the above mentioned package as a whole is available right across the V-Cross range. This, to the great extent, helps users save lots of bill about equipment.