Understand the intricacies of industrial doors!

Understand the intricacies of industrial doors!

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Ballistic Doors – an overview

Ballistic doors are used for high security requirements for protecting people, property, and other valuable items. These doors are made using timber, steel or glazed designs complying to the European EN 1522, and/or American NIJ 0108.01 test standards. They are also called as ballistic resistant or bullet proof doors. They are mostly used in bank vaults to safeguard money and assets.

Industrial Overhead Doors – A glimpse

Industrial overhead doors are made from fabricated steel panels and are highly secure and reliable. The double-skinned core style reduces transfer of heat. These doors are appropriate for industrial and logistics use and are built for ease and flexibility. Industrial overhead doors are made of corrosion-free steel with a sandwich panel, and pre-painted. They are of 40 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm thickness. The gaskets are made of a non-ageing rubber that acts as an adhesive of the opening, and prevents water, air, or dust infiltration.

What you need to know about bulletproof door?

Bulletproof doors are used in banks and other critical establishments for additional protection against theft or any other dangerous attacks. It is not possible to build 100% bullet proof doors; over time, these doors might surrender to frequent attacks. We can only call them as ‘bullet resistant’. These doors must comply with UL 752 and fall between 1-10 levels, which indicate their resistance power. However, steel doors are built with maximum 8 level resistance point.


Ballistic doors are bullet-proof and blasts-resistance, which protects against weapon fire, explosions, and broken entry into the room. Such doors are mostly made of steel, but wood and glass are also used. For maximum protection, steel is the best choice of material. If you are looking out for a high protection, choose ballistic doors for a reliable experience.