All about portesacoustiques and portes de hangar d’avEnter content title here...

All about portesacoustiques and portes de hangar d’avEnter content title here...

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About acoustic doors and its uses

Portes acoustiques are built for resisting sound and are mostly used in noise-sensitive places. These doors are made of special material that can reduce noise and vibration. Conference halls, board rooms, interview halls are some of the common uses.

How do these doors work?

Barring sound just reduces some amount of noise to pass through to the other side. Normal closing of a door helps reduce noise to a certain level. But these do not stop the noise completely. Sound waves flow like water and find a way to flow out of the existing environment. A special kind of material must be used to bar sound from passing through.

This is what acoustic doors help with by insulating sound and barring them to pass through. Special materials that can resist sound is used in such kind of doors, which is called acoustic barrier. The sound energy is converted to heat and thus resisted. If sound absorption is high, the echo time or reverberation is less. Sound absorption evaluated as a co-efficient from 0 to 1.0, with the best score as 1.0.

About Portes de Hangar d’avion

Portes de Hangar d’avion doors play a key role in aviation. Hangars are closed building that holds aircrafts. They have wide openings, which are built based on the size and height of the aircraft. The fabric used in such doors are highly durable and safe from wear and tear. The doors are fixed without rivets. The doors are either transparent or fitted with windows.

The hangar doors are capable of handling fluctuating weather conditions and ca withstand violent wind flow. The PVC material used in such doors also help to resist chemicals when used for deicing.