Some Facts about Bullet-Resistant DoorsEnter content title here...

Some Facts about Bullet-Resistant DoorsEnter content title here...

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Bullet resistant doors are now days used in various offices and also in high-security buildings. This office includes cash counters or maybe banks that are located in the high crime area. These doors are very much useful in this type of place. These doors are mainly tested in accordance with UL- 752, and accordingly, they are assigned and rated on a scale of 1-10. It will define how much the door is resistant to gunfire. Accordingly, a security consultant will first analyze the condition of the building, and then it will suggest what level of Bullet Resistance Door is required for you. This Security Door is very much important for your own safety, mainly in your workplace.

These doors are required in the wall, which helps in creating a bullet-resistant barrier. It is designed mainly to give protection against gun fires. These doors are mainly made of metal or steel.Mainly these doors are 100 meters thick. Mainly, these types of doors consist of ballistic material like rigid polyurethane, which are foamed in basically under very high pressure in between two 16ga and have got steel skin in it.

How Much This Door Can Resist?

1) Level 1 –It can give protection against small arms with medium power (luger/ 9 mm Parabellum).

2) Level 2 –It can give protection against small arms with high power. That includes a magnum revolver of .375.

3) Level 3 – It has got the resistance power of small arms with the superpower. This includes a magnum revolver of .44.

4) Level 4–This level of doors can resist the attack from the rifle.

5) Level 5 –It can give protection against assault weapons, which are generally used in the military. It includes NATO ammunition.

These are all the things you should know about bullet resistance door.