Join in the Fun this Fall at The Little Gym London

Join in the Fun this Fall at The Little Gym London

The Little Gym London school year 2018 to 2019 is open for registrations. Fall classes start September 8th. Enroll Now - they are filling fast!

Classes start Sept 8 and are filling fast; we have over 550 children already enrolled. We want you to get your spot in class before they are full. Even if you aren't sure of your schedule, you can switch class times later, space permitting.

Our School Year season is 40 weeks long and runs until the end of June. You can join at any time in any class that still has room. If for any reason you need to withdraw prior to the end of the season, all we ask is that you give us a written 15-day notice (we have a form for you to complete), and you will be refunded for any classes that have not yet taken place after your 15 day notice period.


Parent Child classes - from infant to toddler 3 months to 3 years - our Parent and Child classes in London promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years.

Parent Child Classes

Pre/K classes – 3 to 6 years - Watch your kid go from cartwheels to confidence with lots of giggles along the way. This class is designed to help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment

Pre K Classes

Grade School classes – 6 to 12 years - Gymnastics classes in London give your child the chance to tackle new challenges at their own skill level. Each new achievement leads to new found confidence, determination and a desire to continue improving.

Grade School Classes

Dance classes - 3 to 6 years -We’ll introduce your child to ballet, tap, and hip-hop techniques, while allowing them to express themselves through creative movement.

Sports classes - Get your child ready for tip off, kick off, or the first pitch, while paving the way for a lifetime of positive sports experiences. soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey and golf with an emphasis on teamwork and sportsman- (and woman!) ship

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Serious Happy Kids

At The Little Gym, we have “Serious Fun”, and that means that we want parents to see the learning and growth opportunities that their children are experiencing, but for the kids - we just want them to have fun and we realize these skills cannot be learned in a short period of time. That is why we offer a full school year of learning (Sept to June!).

Our goal

At The Little Gym London, our goal is to give children the experiences and tools they need to succeed in life. We do this through the challenges and fun of learning a sport in a warm and nurturing, age-appropriate setting (the younger, the better, and even as young as 4 months old!).

We focus on three main areas of learning

Physical Skills such as balance, co-ordination, flexibility and strength, we call “Get Moving!”

Cognitive Skills such as listening, problem solving, concentration and decision-making, we call “Brain Boost!”

Social & Emotional Skills such as sharing, teamwork and co-operation, we call “Citizen Kid!”

We look forward to having your kids with us this fall!

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Physical - Cognitive - Social - Emotional