Top 8 Things I've Learned As A Business Owner

Top 8 Things I've Learned As A Business Owner

With Spring comes the opportunity for reflection - these top 8 things help to refocus as a new season begins.

When I started The Writing Suite in Jan 2017, I had no idea how the year would unfold. As I sit and reflect on the events of the past few years, I'm happy to report that I'm beyond pleased with all the ups, downs, and learnings thus far.

I originally shared this post in 2017, and as it turns out, everything remains true today. These are the important lessons I learned in my first few years as a writer and entrepreneur:

1. Read

As a writer, I have to keep reading. The more I read, the better writer I become and the more I stretch my imagination – it really works!

2. Socialize

Entrepreneurship is lonely. It just is. As exciting as it is to live your dream, it can be isolating. To combat the loneliness plan social days with friends and frequently interact with people who make you laugh. Laughter refreshes and reenergizes you!

3. Network

To some, networking is a dirty word, however, networking (in my opinion) is imperative to grow your business.TIP: you may have to visit a few different networking groups before you find which groups work for you – this is totally normal. Find a group that makes you feel comfortable and you look forward to connecting with on a consistent basis.

4. Learn to go with the flow

As you grow your business, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Make sure to explore new opportunities to stay fresh. You never know who you will meet or which new activities will inspire you.

5. Don’t give up

I've had some dark moments thinking, “How the hell can I ever make this work?” – it happens to EVERY entrepreneur. Stick with your plan and allow yourself to be flexible to adapt to new situations. Give yourself at least one-three years to get comfortable in business and every single day do something that moves you forward. Feeling accomplished will allow you to stay motivated.

6. Celebrate yourself

When you hit a milestone or a goal – celebrate yourself. It may be taking yourself out for lunch (as I often do) or taking a moment out of your day to reflect on a job well done. Taking time to celebrate will go a LONG way in creating excitement around your short-term success and long-term goals.

7. Set Goals

I have a series of goals (big and small) to monitor my progress. In year 1 (or 2, or 3...) create small goals that are achievable. Some goals will change as your business changes - be flexible and allow yourself the freedom to explore as new opportunities present themselves.

8. Take Time Off

As a new Entrepreneur, you'll want to work ALL THE TIME. Trust me, there will never be a shortage of things to do, BUT to stay sane, you have to take a break. Go on a hike without your phone, give yourself one day without commitments or take a morning off to sit on your back deck. You deserve it, and you'll come back with a fresh perspective.

Top 8 Things I've Learned As A Business Owner

The journey into entrepreneurship has no beginning or end. It is a continuous circle alternating through moments of joy and moments of frustration. What I can tell you is building something you are proud of every day is worth every win and every heartbreak.

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Your Success is a Choice.

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