How a Rug Goes into Transition from Factory to Floor?

How a Rug Goes into Transition from Factory to Floor?

When procuring a rug has become so simple and you can get almost anything that you want at the click of the finger.

Rugs are undoubtedly the most sophisticated and beautifully crafted pieces of home decor. The tradition and heritage behind a rug make it no less than a precious gem. Each intricate pattern and colour choice of the traditional rugs have numerous stories hidden behind them.

The pattern often indicates the era that has inspired the artisan to create the piece. Right here we will unfold for you the interesting insights about rug making and also talk about the evolution that rugs have gone through with time.

Glimpse of the Journey from Factory to House Floor

The beautiful handloom rugs that we all are great admirers of are made after a lot of hard work and sheer dedication of the artisans who work behind the scenes. So let us understand the various techniques and steps that they undertake to create these beauties and applaud the craftsmen and their expertise. It all begins with turning the wool into yarns, which are then dyed in different colours.

The washed and dyed yarn then needs to be dried properly. This is followed by opening of the dyed yarn so that each strand comes out finely while crafting the designs for the rug. The opened yarn undergoes a process called warp preparation. This is a crucial step used for winding the yarn and combining the yarn to make a sheet.

The latexing and binding step ensures that the backing for the rugs is firm and then, for a smooth and good finish, the edge binding is done. The hand carving on hand loom rugs helps create amazing designs, and trimming is done to get rid of any uneven strands. After thorough final inspection, the pieces are all ready to be put up for sale.

These rugs then adorn your house, as floor rugs for bedroom, living area or the drawing space. Rugs are highly versatile accessories for decor and instantly add a new spark and life to the floors of any place. They can be used for residential as well as commercial places to lift up the interior and aesthetics of any area.

How a Rug Goes into Transition from Factory to Floor?

The Transformation That Rugs Have Gone Through

The old order changeth, making place for new. It is correctly said that change is the only constant and one must incorporate the new in order to survive and strive.

This rule of life has been understood well by the rug industry and, at this time when we see a need to switch to more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living, we see that rug makers in this industry have made a good note of it. While there is still have a magnificent variety of pure wool, cotton and silk rugs, but that is not it. We see popular brands like The Rug Republic creating rugs which are made out of different types of recycled materials.

Their recycled cotton rugs, recycled denim rugs as well as rugs made from recycled pet bottles are ruling the market and creating impressive style statements.Designers have come up with vibrant colour combinations and beautiful modern designs that can be easily made using different types of recycled material.

How a Rug Goes into Transition from Factory to Floor?

The recycled material rugs are mostly casual and cool and so they can be great options for the outdoors or living area of the house. The simple yet smart design of these rugs makes them totally irresistible.

If you are looking for modern living room rugs, make sure to explore these recycled beauties for a chic and ultra-stylish look. Be the owner of a ravishing yet sustainable home decor item like the recycled rugs and flaunt it with pride among family and friends.

Easier Accessibility and Ample Variety

With e-commerce growing and the way businesses have transformed to use various electronic mediums to reach out to the customers, we see that online shopping has become very popular. In the case of rugs too, we can get ample variety online, and not just that, with shipping and delivery options, it is so convenient to opt for almost any style and design from any part of the world.

Now you can get the best rugs online as well. Choose after browsing through the whole collection comfortably at home and order online. Persian, oriental, modern or contemporary rugs, whatever be your requirement, you will not be disappointed by the abundant variety available online.

When procuring a rug has become so simple and you can get almost anything that you want at the click of the finger, then there is absolutely no reason to leave the floor of the house empty and deprived of rug glamour.