Tips To Enhance Your Home During the Monsoon Season

Tips To Enhance Your Home During the Monsoon Season

This time don’t miss on giving your home a new and brighter look with these small yet impactful additions of accessories and use the easy tips to maintain.

A decor that makes you feel lively is perfect for a good and energetic start to the day and can help you have a more upbeat mood while going to work too. The rainy season is the much-awaited time of the year for all to enjoy the downpour and to create joyous moments filled with fun and frolic.

However, the slow traffic on the roads, waterlogging, and the constant suffocating humidity, are few turn downs that can hamper the joy of rains and ruin one's mood. The sky is constantly covered with dark clouds and with no bright sun to smile down on you, the outdoor can appear a little dull and boring.

Add a spark to your home with some bright and vivacious colored accessories to balance the outdoors with the indoor.

Use these simple accessories for just the right amount of color pop

The interior and furnishings of your house have a deep impact on the mood and feel that it spreads around. Adding cushions and pillows in bold prints and patterns can help enhance the look of the beds and sofas in the house.

For the kid’s room, you need something smart and funky to match their energy and aura. Having a bright-colored pouf in the kid’s room can be a great way to make the room look more radiant and eye-catching.

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You can also opt for bright abstract colored rugs to create interesting and radiant floor coverings for the house. Make sure that the rug material that you opt for is water resistant or water-tolerant, especially if you are considering using it for sit-out areas like the balcony or veranda.

One pleasurable experience that one must not miss out on during the rains is the relaxing feeling of sitting outside with a hot cup of cocoa while enjoying the beautiful weather. To make this experience even better put a nice quirky and vibrant bench outside with a small coffee table and create a cozy yet comfortable sit-out area.

Another benefit of having this sleek sitting for the outdoors is that in case of heavy rains it's lightweight makes it convenient to bring it inside to avoid getting it all wet. These are few quick and affordable ways to add a dash of color in different areas of the house.

Maintain the accessories and the house with ease with these tips

Picking up accessories like rugs, stools, poufs, pots, and more in nice bright colors might not look like a difficult task but the real challenge is to be able to maintain these well during this humid and muggy weather.

Only if the waterproof home decor was a reality, one would have nothing to worry about. However, by keeping a few simple tips in mind one can definitely sail through this season without much damage to furniture and accents around the house. Regular vacuum cleaning of carpets (at least twice a week) becomes very important with the frequent downpour as it helps keep the carpets free from dust, and prolonged dampness.

Some people would prefer to put away the heavy and delicate rugs they have so they do not get spoilt in this damp weather. If following this option keep in mind is that the rugs should be rolled up and stored instead of folding them. One should also add some bags of silica gel to the rugs to help absorb excess moisture and provide additional protection while the rugs rest in a corner during the rainy season.

Consider replacing these with lightweight dhurries and cotton rugs to give the place a complete look. This is also a great way to add a good dose of colorful panache to the floors without having to worry about the ill effects of moss, fungus, and the dampness in the air.

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Other tips that can really help include checking the walls and floors for leaks and cracks so that timely repairs can be made and the moisture retention in areas around the house can be controlled. If the floors and walls are damp anything that touches them is also at risk of catching the moisture.

Moving the furniture items a little away from the walls is an effective way to protect them from absorbing moisture from the walls. One should also consider moving the furniture away from the windows and doors to allow better ventilation in the room.

With the heavy rainfall outside a strong musty smell is bound to spread in the house and this can be controlled substantially by making sure that the covers, sheets, and curtains in the house are changed more frequently during the rainy season.

Let the joy of the rain not get hampered by worrying about the humidity and dirty footmarks and make the most of it while it lasts. Let your heart and spirit get drenched in the monsoon feel with bright, sparkly, and radiant interiors adding just the right amount of vibrance to mitigate the murkiness outside.

Monsoon is the season to rejuvenate, refresh and renew. This time don’t miss on giving your home a new and brighter look with these small yet impactful additions of accessories and use the easy tips to maintain all your decor items with ease.