Is there Healing Power in Crystals and Gemstones?

Is there Healing Power in Crystals and Gemstones?

Over the years the debate continues whether crystals and other alternative therapies work or if it is the power of suggestion.

Is it a placebo effect or is it real?

This question leads to another question.

Is the view from the point of science or a metaphysical perspective?

Science is what the mind sees in the world, metaphysics sees what the mind sees in the mind. While science deals with specific situations, metaphysics deals with general matters. For example, while a scientist talk about “nature laws”, a metaphysicist will study what are the characteristics that make a statement to qualify as a law.

According to Stuart Vyse, Author of “Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition.” The placebo effect is almost certainly at play. "There is no scientific evidence to support the medical effectiveness of any of these remedies,” he says. "But there is the possibility that they might have an indirect psychological benefit and can often boost hope, brighten mood, and improve your ability to cope with a chronic condition."

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Placebo Effect

One of the only studies ever to explore crystal healing was done in 2001 by University of London by psychologist Christopher French. He gave 80 volunteers booklets explaining the sensations they might have while holding crystals, including tingling limbs, increased concentration, and heightened energy. Then he gave half of the participant’s genuine gemstones and the other half fakes made of cheap plastic. Those holding a fake were just as likely to respond physically as those holding the real thing. French’s conclusion: The power of suggestion -- not flowing energy -- was to credit.

Now Let’s Discuss the Flow of Energy

Everything is energy - Early in the 20th century the unquestioned assumption that the physical universe is actually physical, lead to a scientific search for the elementary “point particle” upon which all life is built, which would prove that reality was not an illusion. But as soon as scientists began smashing electrons, they quickly realized the foundations of the physical world weren’t physical at all—that everything is energy.

For thousands of years crystals and alternative therapies have been used successfully, long before traditional medicine existed. Crystals were a large part of the healing process and it continues today all over the world.

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Whether you believe that crystals and gemstones hold specific energy that affect our emotions and healing process or you choose to believe in the placebo effect where what we think about and put our energy on - works in our healing, you are correct.

The Rock Spa has been serving the community for years with beautiful crystals and gemstones, courses and workshops on the elements of crystals, and alternative methods of healing the body.

When you believe in the healing power of crystals and gemstones, they work!

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