7000 Square feet of Beautiful Gemstones in the Heart of Kitchener

7000 Square feet of Beautiful Gemstones in the Heart of Kitchener

Located at The Rock Spa, in Kitchener, you will find Stonebridge Imports, a plethora of gemstones for local residents, practitioners, and businesses.

Stonebridge Imports has been in operation since 2002, sharing the beauty of gemstones across Canada and USA. You can visit us online, and browse by category or by stone. Local residents can drop by and shop in the 7,000 square foot warehouse located at the back of The Rock Spa in Kitchener, or visit the beautiful showroom inside The Rock Spa for ideas and exquisite gift items, for themselves, a loved one, or a special occasion.

Stonebridge Imports and The Rock Spa

From Around the World

We take pride in our products, gathered from all over the world, and it shows in the quality of the products we offer and our customers know they are getting the best selection possible.

In support of local businesses, we offer small packages in 1 pound or bulk ordering at wholesale pricing. We pride ourselves with the knowledge to answer your queries and provide excellent customer service. There is no minimum order and we make orders of any size rock!

All our products are of the highest quality and unique, giving customers the chance to enjoy a truly wonderful, one-of-a-kind shopping experience when they visit.

If you are unsure of what or why you are looking for a specific gemstone, please visit our Resource Centre online to get your answers

Stonebridge Imports, The Rock Spa

Great Selection of Stones and Crystals

Who are our customers?

There are many different markets for our products. We have a niche market that attracts collectors much like people who collect cars and rare objects; our gemstones also become collector items.

• Local consumers find a unique variety of stones to make their own pieces, whether wereable or home décor.

• Teachers and Professors purchase stones for teaching the physical properties of rocks, minerals and gemstones.

• Holistic Practitioners and Doctors come for specific stones for their healing and energy work with clients.

• Gift Stores carry our gift items such as bowls, book ends, stone carvings, diffusers, candle holders and lamps.

• Home Décor stores are interested in home fountains, larger rocks for special staging, Zen gardens, or a variety of Himalayan Salt items.

• Landscaping companies purchases larger boulders, rocks and crystals for creating ambiance and unique garden spaces on a property.

Stonebridge Imports, The Rock Spa

Larger Boulders and Crystals for Landscaping

With over hundreds stone types to browse through, we have something for everyone.

Please feel free to visit our website or drop by and visit us. Check our FaceBook Page for updates.

We are located at 396-B Victoria Street North, Kitchener, Ontario N2H 5E6

Phone: 519-579-1747