What is the Buteyko Method and How Can it Help Me?

What is the Buteyko Method and How Can it Help Me?

The Buteyko Method is a breathing retraining technique designed to help people alleviate respiratory ailments.... see how it could change your life!

The Buteyko Method

Developed by Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, The Buteyko Method, or Buteyko Breathing Technique, is used as a complementary or alternative therapy for respiratory ailments, skin conditions and a myriad of other "unknown" symptoms. This method teaches individuals the right way to breathe - changing their bad breathing behaviour-  as an aid for alleviating asthma and other respiratory conditions.

This is a method that is safe to be practiced by people of all ages - and there’s no negative side effects (like some medications) or the possibility of forgetting it at home (like an inhaler!! The Buteyko Method is not a medical treatment - and does not involve the use of medication, homeopathy, or non-medicinal herbs.

The Rock Spa offers The Breathe Well Program (based on the Buteyko Method) The result is more oxygen being delivered to your brain, tissues and organs with every breath. Correct, gentle breathing will boost energy, reduce inflammation and symptoms. Breath and ortho-postural retraining at The Rock Spa can help reduce/eliminate the use of medications and emergency hospital visits, improve the immune system and quality of life, and contribute to greater productivity in the workplace and reduced absenteeism at work and in the classroom.

Buteyko Educator

Ulymar Rocha, Owner of The Rock Spa, Buteyko Educator

After years of intensive study of water, salt and breath, Ulymar's passion was ignited to help others in the community and he opened "The Rock Spa", offering a unique way to support healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Ulymar is a Registered Buteyko Breathing Educator

He would be happy to discuss the programs offered to improve your breathing and quality of life and welcomes a call. Feel free to visit the WEBSITE for an entire list of programs.

Ulymar Rocha, Owner of The Rock Spa, Buteyko Educator

Instead, it is a set of simple breathing techniques designed to  naturally compliment your body’s physiology.

With practice, this method becomes part of your daily life, and becomes a “normal” way to breathe. By working with a professional to learn how to perform the training correctly, you'll restore you normal breathing pattern thus decrease or even eliminate many of the medications associated with even the most problematic breathing issues.

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The Buteyko Method may be able to relieve your asthma symptoms!

This method can help people with emphysema, allergies, bronchitis, a simple cough, and even snoring. We highly recommend you learn how to perform this technique with a qualified coach who can actively work wit you to correct your breathing pattern.

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Interested in learning more about the Buteyko Method? Visit The Rock Spa for more information and to book a consultation with a qualified Buteyko technique coach!

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