Make Back-to-school Easier with Energy!

Make Back-to-school Easier with Energy!
almost 4 years ago

Here are easy, effective suggestions to help everyone stay calm and positive during back-to-school shopping, the last few weeks of vacation and on the big day.

Crystal Helpers

Make Back-to-school Easier with Energy!

Quartz crystal clear. Healing crystal generator.

Different crystals help in different ways, and even having a little something to touch or hold, as a reminder, can be something to focus on and be a reassurance that all is well.

– Fluorite – helps with organization and routines

– Rose Quartz – very soothing and may help calm some separation anxiety

– Black tourmaline – helps to ground which will improve focus and helps them deal with the energies of the other people at school

– Blue Lace Agate – helps with creativity and being able to express themselves

– Labradorite – helps stimulate mental activity

– Citrine – a positive, uplifting crystal to help with self-confidence

These little helpers can be put in a pocket, worn as jewelry, or put in a backpack. Have fun and experiment with what works best for your student. (It’s a good idea to cleanse them once a week or so – you can set them in the sunshine for an hour or two, or put them in a little bowl of organic brown rice overnight.)

Flower Essences

Make Back-to-school Easier with Energy!


These are flower energies that help us balance our emotions. Probably the most well-known is “Rescue Remedy” (or Tromos, that we carry at The Rock Spa) that can be used for any kind of upset, shock, worry, etc. These drops can be safely used by children, adults, and even pets! Here are a few more suggestions…

– Walnut – this is the remedy to help navigate changes more smoothly. (Change of school, grade, home, new baby in the house, other changes in the household)

– Larch – this is the remedy for self-confidence.

– Mimulus – this is the remedy for known fears (What if I don’t know where to go? What if no one likes me? I’m afraid to go on the bus!)

– Aspen – this is the remedy for when you’re not sure what to expect, fears of the unknown

– Clematis – for daydreaminess, helps be more present and focused

– Elm – feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities

These are just a few of the 38 remedies that we have – you can also have a custom blend created by me (Chris) at The Rock Spa – I’ve used these essences for many many years and am always so thrilled at how gentle and effective they are.


Make Back-to-school Easier with Energy!

Breathing from the nose delivers more oxygen.

Probably the most important place to start! Stress changes our breathing, and breathing too fast, as well as mouth breathing actually can make us feel more anxious, which makes us breathe faster, which makes us more anxious…..and off we go!

Ortho-Postural and Breathing Assessment

– each consultation includes a breathing and postural assessment and guidance to positively change your breathing right on the spot. See the results and discover your power to feel better.

Address Stress 14-Day Program

– The ‘Address Stress’ 14-Day Program can change the way you think about stress, and help you reduce it in a simple, scientific and enjoyable way. The program is 100% self-supported and can be started at a time that suits you. In as little as 30 minutes a day, over two short weeks… you can learn a set of skills and strategies with the power to bring greater balance, calm and clarity into your daily life.

Breathe Well Program

– The Breathe Well Program (based on the Buteyko Method) results in more oxygen being delivered to your brain, tissues and organs with every breath. Correct, gentle breathing will boost energy, reduce inflammation and symptoms. This is the core course for establishing healthy automatic breathing patterns in people with asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, hay fever, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, snoring, panic attacks and stress.

Make Back-to-school Easier with Energy!

Do your children breathe through their mouths?

Have a peek at your children – do they breathe with their mouths open? Does their mouth open up while on the computer, or playing video games? Does yours? The more they can breathe through their nose, the more oxygen they get throughout their body and it definitely helps them feel more relaxed. We offer a free consultation and many ways to help – you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you’re breathing better!

Have fun, and we wish everyone a happy, healthy September!

(The information in this article isn’t meant to be medical advice or replace your doctor – all these suggestions are complements to what you’re already doing with your doctor, or Naturopath.)