The Secrets of Light Therapy

The Secrets of Light Therapy
over 2 years ago

Light therapy is quickly becoming a go-to for those struggling with depression, sleep disorders, and general fatigue.

Light therapy is the practice of using light to help treat psychological conditions such as SAD, non-seasonal depression, jet lag, sleep disorders, dementia, and to help bolster the effectiveness of anti-depression medication or psychotherapy (Mayo Clinic).

But light therapy comes in many forms: below we take a look at three unique types and their benefits.

Chromotherapy (AKA Colour Therapy)

Chromotherapy is believed to help heal a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states through light in the form of colour. Each colour corresponds with one of the seven chakras, and the light is adjusted depending on each individual's needs and goals.

Clients lie on a comfortable, pillow-stocked massage table and are provided a blanket and eye-cover. While soft music plays, coloured lights are shot through clear crystals, each corresponding to a chakra, down onto the client.

This therapy, also known as Crystal Bed Chakra Healing, helps to balance the etheric field while simultaneously cleansing it, resulting in increased energy, deep mental and physical healing, and a rather remarkable anti-aging effect.

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John of God - Crystal Healing Bed

NeuroSpa Energizing Station

The NeuroSpa Energizing Station helps you on your path to wellness by releasing deep tension - the effects are said to be similar to that of osteopathy and full-body massage therapy techniques. A typical session is just 15 to 30 minutes, and clients simply lie in the zero-gravity lounger and let the soft sensations gently stimulate their entire body.

The acoustic frequencies and soft light communicate directly with your nervous system, gradually reducing tension caused by stress. The health impacts are numerous and include: neutralizing stress and anxiety, improving sleep and performance, deep relaxation, stimulating blood circulation, and reducing back, neck, and arthritis pain.

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Brainwave Entertainment

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) and Audio/Visual Brainwave Entrainment (AVE) devices can help with depression, insomnia, anxiety, and related conditions.

These mind machines (AKA light and sound machines) use pulsing rhythmic sounds and flashing lights to alter the frequency of the client’s brainwaves - inducing brainwave synchronization and/or entertainment. Brainwave Entrainment can also help with increasing concentration and alertness, and deep, restful sleep.

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