Five Beautiful and Beneficial Gemstones to Add to Your Collection

Five Beautiful and Beneficial Gemstones to Add to Your Collection
almost 3 years ago

Gemstones are more than just a pretty rock - take a look at our five favourite gemstones and their wonderful attributes!


Attributes: Protection, harmony, and creativity.

Agate is known for it’s beautiful bright colours and fine grain stone - and is said to cleanse your aura, balance your emotions, and harmonize body and spirit. Each gem is incredibly unique, so you can take advantage of a variety of colours and patterns - trust your instincts and choose the stone that you are particularly drawn to.

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Attributes: Peace, clairvoyance, emotional protection, and sobriety

This purple quartz is an affordable option for those looking to add both beauty and emotional sustenance to their collection. Used as a healing stone, the amethyst is said to provide relief and peace while working through emotional trauma and addiction (the Ancient Greeks believed the amethyst was a cure for intoxication of many kinds…).

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Attributes: Inspiration, success, wealth

The pale yellow citrine gems are a fantastic addition for part of your life - from work to relationships, the inspiration (and success!) that these gems encourage is always appreciated. It doesn’t hurt that citrine can also give you a leg-up on financial wealth!

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Attributes: Balance, health, and luck

While most known for its gorgeous shades of green, jade also exists in lavender, red, yellow, black, and white. But the green is most famous for a reason - this green gemstone is believed to bring an abundance of health and divine energy. The green is also associated with the Heart Chakra, bringing purity and balance.

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Attributes: Meditation, clarity, and energy

Quartz is one of the most common minerals on the planet - second only to feldspar, a far less beautiful mineral that lines the oceanic crust. There are many varieties of quartz (including agate, amethyst, and citrine), but it is beautiful in it’s clear form as well. Clear quartz is said to amplify the benefits of other gemstones, which makes it the perfect addition to any collection.

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