Managing Your Skin Conditions with Salt Therapy

Managing Your Skin Conditions with Salt Therapy
almost 3 years ago

Could Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, be the answer to your skin conditions and concerns?

More than 85% of people are affected by a skin condition at some time in their life. From teenage acne to chronic skin conditions like eczema, skin irritations and disorders can have serious negative effects both on your health and your confidence. Salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy, might be the answer to many of these conditions.

The Rock Spa offers clients halotherapy sessions that have a wide variety of health benefits, like respiratory detoxification and relaxation. This therapy can also alleviate skin condition symptoms, and you don't even need to come into physical contact with the salt - which is great for very sensitive skin.

Studies have even shown that 10 to 14 halotherapy sessions a year can greatly improve currently existing skin conditions.

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The Rock Spa Salt Room

How Your Skin Can Benefit

There are quite a few ways your skin can benefit from the process of halotherapy. Our salt rooms are powered with a machine that breaks down the salt to its molecular level, then pushes the salt in through a ventilation system. These salt particles are then inhaled via your lungs and have a direct effect on your skin.

These salt particles have the healing benefits that salt provides. First and foremost, salt is antibacterial. Salt naturally removes the bacteria on any surface it is applied to - and this also applies to your skin. Bacteria on your skin leads to pimples, zits and other skin blemishes, so the salt can help to remove these blemishes. The salt can also help to alleviate irritation and redness, which can be found with most skin conditions.

Halotherapy can even help more severe skin conditions, like Eczema. This condition, marked by the flaky, red patches that come along with it, can be treated through salt therapy sessions, no matter where the rash occurs on the person’s body.

Hands-On Salt Therapy

Our halotherapy chambers aren’t the only service we offer clients that utilize salt. Our flotation tanks also contain hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt, which comes directly in contact with your skin. This hands-on way of utilizing salt isn’t just for its respiratory benefits. Epsom salt is the best salt available for pulling toxins from the body, including your skin.

While halotherapy can help improve the condition of your skin through salt particles in the air, bathing in Epsom salt is a much more direct form of therapy and exfoliation. Though flotation therapy mostly helps relax the mind and body, many clients come out of their tanks raving about how the salt water makes their skin feel soft and youthful.

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Float Pod from The Rock Spa

Other Benefits

What about something that’s not technically a skin condition, like wrinkles? Salt can also help to reduce skin aging via its anti-inflammatory capabilities. Epsom salt helps to maintain the Ph levels of your skin, which in turn stimulates cell rejuvenation. This also leads to the promotion of skin elasticity, leaving skin looking more youthful and tighter than it was before the salt therapy.

In short, halotherapy and salt used as a healing tool isn’t just beneficial for your lungs, muscles, and mind. Your skin can greatly benefit from exposure to salt in many forms found at The Rock Spa.