How Athletes Can Perform and Recover Faster with Flotation Therapy

How Athletes Can Perform and Recover Faster with Flotation Therapy

Flotation Therapy, although beneficial for everyone, can help althletes perform better. Details here...

We’ve discussed previously how much flotation therapy can benefit you when it comes to your mental and physical well-being…but that’s under the assumption that you’re the average person who is under the average physical strain on a day to day basis. But what if you’re someone who has a lot more physical strain that you deal with regularly?

Athletes will usually require more physical therapy than the average person, just because of their strenuous physical routine. From stretching to practicing, performing to competing, their body goes through a lot. Through forms of holistic therapy, athletes can both repair their body and enhance their performance abilities.

Flotation Therapy Promotes Recovery Time

Based on a study performed and reported on in 2001 (“Effects of Flotation-Rest on Muscle Tension Pain”), flotation therapy has a great effect on pain and ache within muscles:

“The results indicated that the most severe perceived pain intensity was significantly reduced, whereas low perceived pain intensity was not influenced by the floating technique.”

Lactic acid and adrenaline are both important chemical components within the muscular system. A large amount of lactic acid can lead to muscle pain, and adrenaline keeps muscles tense and the heart racing. When athletes enter a flotation tank, their lactic acid and adrenaline amounts are greatly reduced, promoting muscle relaxation. This also helps prevent muscle fatigue, through decreased adrenaline and the relaxing support of sensory deprivation.

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Cumulative Benefits

There’s another benefit of flotation therapy — the results of it are extremely cumulative. The more times you float, the more you’ll feel the effects of floating. Athletes who float for the first time may experience some immediate calming effects, but numerous flotation sessions lead to greater benefits and a faster recovery time.

The more athlete’s use flotation therapy, the more energy they’ll have and the calmer they’ll be in their everyday life. The mental health benefits of flotation therapy are paramount to athletes who need to maintain focus and stay cool under pressure. Flotation therapy for a prolonged time can greatly help ease their mind, helping them to perform better.

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The Rock Spa Flotation Therapy

Well-Deserved Rest

When you lay in a flotation tank, your muscles are suspended — almost all of your muscles, barring those on your face, are completely at rest. Athletes need this rest time to let their muscles relax and to relieve tension in their body. A session in a flotation tank is as good as a deep tissue massage for some athletes who have incredibly tense muscles thanks to their strenuous routine. This type of relaxation also helps to lower the athlete’s blood pressure.

Their mind also rests at the same time. When an athlete floats in a flotation therapy tank, their brain begins to release endorphins based on the calming relaxation found within the tank. These endorphins also help to relieve pain, but their main purpose is to relieve their mood and promote their T-cell count.

Are you an athlete who needs to wind down and heal from training? Athletes like Tom Brady and Steph Curry endorse using flotation therapy as a great recovery and performance enhancing system. Look into booking your own session with The Rock Spa.

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