Clearing Drains the Good Old Fashioned Way

Clearing Drains the Good Old Fashioned Way

Having a blocked drain is one of the most troublesome plumbing issues. So, check out some tips on how you can unblock your drain the old fashion way.

Clearing Drains the Good Old Fashioned Way:

  1. Nothing beats the handy plunger. If your sink or toilet drains slowly, try using the plunger on it.
  2. Try a coat hanger. Straighten out the wire and then bend the end like a fish hook. You can use it to remove hairs, toilet paper or food residue that blocks your drain.
  3. Pour a boiling water inside the pipe. Effective in dislodging small or light blockage inside the pipes. Do not try this on plastic pipes. They are best used on metal or copper pipes.
  4. Use kitchen materials. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain then follow it with vinegar.
  5. You can remove the U-shaped pipe (s trap) underneath the sink. Most food scraps and food residue gets stuck that causes a blockage.

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