Top Experts Explain When You Should Create a Cross-Platform App

Top Experts Explain When You Should Create a Cross-Platform App

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“The Most Cross-Platform product you can build right now will be a product that can run on a Web Browser - a Web App because it is able to run on a ton of devices and OS. That’s where I recommend starting. Or you can take the Instagram route and to choose to initially launch and focus on a specific device platform” - Jacob Gube (Founder Six Revisions).

The market has changed its dynamics, in today’s date, almost every business/organization wants a website/app with the urge to go viral with their services and products. Many organizations use full-fledged apps for management purposes (like payroll) or only for information purposes (like school/university applications). The reason may be any but, this has up scaled the demand for website/app development.

But how do we know which type of app will fulfil our purpose? A cross-platform app is beneficial or just a native app will work?

There is a vast difference between the two. A Native app works only on a single OS like an iPhone app will work only for the iPhone. On the other hand, cross-platform apps have a farther reach and one can use them from any platform and any gadget.

In today’s date, the usage of apps is not limited to mobile phones but people open apps on laptops, tablets, Windows phones, MacBooks, etc. One thing is for sure, all these gadgets have a different OS, incurious of which the user needs the app on his/her device to run smoothly. Now it is the choice of the owner whether to have a cross-platform application or go for a native app.

Though the demand for cross-platform apps is much more than a native app, we are going to take this write-up in the right direction and talk about cross-platform apps.

What is a Cross-Platform Application?

Top Experts Explain When You Should Create a Cross-Platform App

Trending in the market today are cross-platform applications that are fully featured and user-friendly apps running effectively on all the OS. These applications have an upper hand in the market and can be operated on multiple OS using the same coding. Ease for the public, one can use these applications on multiple platforms without having to struggle with any complexities.

If your inspiration is shopping/education/healthcare apps do go for the cross-platform applications. Best examples of such applications are Facebook, Instagram, Myntra, AirBNB and the list goes on.

Coding Language - HTML5, JavaScript and CSS

Popular Toolkits - React Native, Flutter, PhoneGap, etc.

Please Note: The toolkits are pre-designed frameworks that app developers use to design the UI of the cross-platform applications.

You Need A Cross-Platform App If:

Top Experts Explain When You Should Create a Cross-Platform App
  • our Target Audience is not a Small Group - When your target audience is not limited to the bunch of users but involves a much wider crowd. Some are using android, some iPhone, some windows. This is the case when you need the cross-platform app the most.
  • You inspire for an online Streaming app - It may be a gaming app or any online streaming platform like Netflix or YouTube. Your app needs to be flexible with the OS and hence you need a well-built cross-platform application.
  • You Have Less Time to Market - An app goes through a long process of designing, development and testing. The process is even longer in a native app, as every prototype needs to be built and tested separately. On the contrary, there is a single prototype of the cross-platform app that needs to be built and tested.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Application

  • A Good Market Reach - A native app for iOS can only be used by iPhone users which is 22% approx. But if you intend to cover a broader market, then the cross-platform application is the solution for you.

Android/iPhone/Windows/Linux/Mac any user can access your app.

  • Cost-Effective - Coding, once created, can be used as many times as you want. There might be slight changes in the designs based on OS, but the major portion of the coding remains the same for all OS. Hence saves time, resources and money.
  • Easy Customization - Put in all your efforts in the making and customization of the single app which can stream on various platforms rather than spending time on different app coding’s individually.
  • Supports Any Device - The ultimate purpose of the app is to stream easily on various devices. A cross-platform app just serves the same purpose. Cross-platform apps are flexible with OS and devices.
  • Seamless Streaming on Different Devices - Cross-platform apps are capable of working on various OS and thus hold a specialty of streaming on multiple devices seamlessly.
  • Design is fixed - One single design works for all the OS. This is an upper hand for any app as people can access the app from any device and they are not lost with the tabs, sub-menus or pages.
  • Easy Maintenance - Designing and development are not enough for your business app to run effectively, the app needs to be maintained as well. This maintenance includes bug fixing, modifications and introducing updates. Here the cross-platform app owns an advantage as only one app format needs changes and we are good to stream on android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.
  • Stability and Uniformity - Fearlessly invite a larger audience to use your services or buy products using your app. A cross-platform app is a clear advantage when it comes to having consistency in design. It is not necessary, that the owner of an iPhone has an iPad or MacBook as well.
  • Data Management is Easy - Nowadays, apps ask for certain basic information from their customers like name, email, phone number, address etc. Being the owner of the app you can easily maintain the database of your customers if there is only one app format you have to maintain. Assess your data, make a graph and see your growth status.


Building a friendly app is what every business aims for. In simple words, the apps should stream on various platforms/devices conveniently having the same outlook, so the customer is not laid back with the complexity of the application. A cross-platform app is trending in the market with the same reason. Easy to maintain, a cross-platform app is a sure-shot way to have a wider reach and is cost and time-efficient.

Some might prefer a native app over a cross-platform app as they think it is more efficient and holds quality as running on the specific OS. Do not get laid back with this myth as a cross-platform app is far more efficient than a native app if its UI is strong and innovative and build with React Native.