Spring into a New Home!

Spring into a New Home!

Spring is traditionally the start of the hot housing market and this year should be no exception! It's A SELLER’S MARKET!

Spring into a New Home

Spring is traditionally the start of the hot housing market and this year should be no exception! It's A SELLER’S MARKET, so home owners looking to sell are getting their homes spruced up and ready to show. And buyers are anxiously waiting. As you can see from the Real Estate Cycle graph, we’re already in the steep upslope of the activity curve.

Spring into a New Home!

What are the SIGNS? We’re seeing a high level of buyer activity happening already – many homes are being sold in competition and in a single day! There’s a shortage of available homes, and so buyers are reacting quickly.

What does it mean for SELLERS? If you have a home to sell there are likely buyers waiting (price and location still matter of course). And now’s the time to get your home ready. There are lots of ways we can help, such as lending a hand with our staging warehouse of accessories and our staging services – check out this 30 second video of us quickly staging a condo: http://lindamaguire.ca/staging.cfm. Also, before you sell, download this cool eBook: suggestions from our contractors of several ways to quickly add real value to your home for under $500! eBook

What does it mean for BUYERS? As a buyer – how do get a home for a reasonable price when there are so many interested families searching? You need four things:


Market knowledge

Professional help, and


Get yourself prepared – get your financing in place and start looking at neighborhoods. Figure out where you’d like to live, before you look at the inside of houses. We can help you to do your market research homework, so that when the right home becomes available, you’re well educated, well prepared and you can move confidently and quickly. We can also help with speed, a critical advantage in this market, since we’re on the leading edge of technology. Electronic signatures, for example, can enable an offer to be signed in a couple minutes.

Selling or buying a house is a very important decision. With the right advice, and with a well thought out approach, you can set yourself up for a financial impact that will improve your lifestyle and peace of mind for years to come. We’d love to help.

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