5 Reasons to Have The Healthy Owl Cater Your Next Event!

5 Reasons to Have The Healthy Owl Cater Your Next Event!
over 2 years ago

The Healthy Owl's plethora of options for all food preferences that taste great (and at great prices!) make them an easy first choice for your next event!

What Sets The Healthy Owl's Catering Apart?

Deciding on what food to order for a group of people can be tough - between allergies and sensitivities, lifestyle choices, and plain old preferences, something for everyone doesn't come easy.

At The Healthy Owl, we not only accommodate for as many different preferences as possible, we make it affordable AND delicious!

5 Reasons to Have The Healthy Owl Cater Your Next Event!

1. Every choice is the healthy choice!

Those who want to eat healthily have all experienced reviewing a menu, searching for what seems like the 'healthy' option, order - and unfortunately get it wrong.

At The Healthy Owl every item is the healthy choice - so your health-conscious co-workers or clients can't go wrong!

2. Everything is made from scratch!

Our baked goods and meals are made from scratch from real, fresh ingredients on site. Our vegetables are chopped, our muffin ingredients are assembled, mixed and baked, our meal ingredients are assembled, simmered combined and everything is cooked from scratch.

fresh, local, the healthy owl

3. No pre-packaged nonsense: only fresh!

You'll never see packages of food factory mixes, bake-off bars, or packaged meals to be microwaved/deep fried in our kitchen!

baked, health, fresh, ingredients, the healthy owl

4. We know every ingredient in every dish!

Since we create and prepare ingredients on site, we can reliably answer customers’ questions regarding ingredients that they are seeking out or seeking to avoid.

5. it tastes amazing!

Equally as important to quality ingredients is that the food that we prepare tastes great! It must also be healthy, but it if it doesn’t taste great, it doesn’t make the menu!

The Healthy Owl offers a variety of plant-based, natural, and whole-food options to help you manage your diet and healthy lifestyle!

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