5 Ways to Identify ‘Healthy’ Fast Food

5 Ways to Identify ‘Healthy’ Fast Food
over 2 years ago

In a pinch for dinner tonight? Grabbing something pre-made or ‘fast food’ doesn’t have to mean pulling into the MacDonald’s drive-thru.

Whether you’re running between soccer and band practice, getting home late from work, or just don’t feel like cooking, ‘fast food’ doesn’t need to mean unhealthy food!

Fast food began with fish and chip shops in Britain in the 1860’s – and really started to catch on in North America in the late 1920’s – and was an officially recognized term by Merriam-Webster in 1951.

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An early Burger King

‘Fast food’ is mass produced food that is prepared and served quickly – and usually provided through drive-thru windows and in take-away containers.

While fast foods can be a quick option on a busy weeknight, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), they are almost always high in saturated fat, sugar, salt, and calories – which can lead to many health issues and diseases like colorectal cancer, obesity, and high cholesterol.

So how do you get the short-term convenience without the long-term health implications? Here are a list of 5 ways to identify ‘healthy’ fast foods!

1) They aren’t mass produced

While this can be a hallmark of fast food, restaurants that use local, fresh ingredients are always a better option – even if some components of the food (like the sauces, toppings, etc.) are pre-made.

2) Real and Fresh Ingredients Prepared On-Site

Similar to not being mass-produced, look for places that prepare their food on-site with real and fresh ingredients – if most of your meal has previously been frozen or comes shipped in prepackaged portions, you’re probably better to stay away.

healthy, fast food, the healthy owl

"Fast food" at the Healthy Owl!

3) Avoid the Fryer

Deep-fried foods of any kind are best to avoid – but add that to the other components of fast food and you have a recipe for disaster.

4) Real Flavours

Fast foods that rely on heavy dressings or sauces to provide flavour are not likely to be a healthy bet. Fresh foods will always taste better than their frozen or pre-packaged counterparts!

5) Opt for Whole Wheat or Multigrain

When your meal contains bread, always opt for whole wheat or multigrain for extra fibre and that ‘full’ feeling!

5 Ways to Identify ‘Healthy’ Fast Food

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