5 Reasons Parents Are ‘No Match’ for Fast Food Marketers

5 Reasons Parents Are ‘No Match’ for Fast Food Marketers
over 2 years ago

A new study found that “Canadian children ages 2-11 collectively viewed 25 million food & beverage ads-over 90% of them for unhealthy items - in a single year".

Time and again we have parents come into The Healthy Owl to buy for themselves or their children and apologize for the child clutching a bag of fast food “I’m sorry but that’s the only thing he/she will eat.”

It's not your fault. We’ve let these companies become a major influence on our children. Here are 5 reasons why parents are no match for the fast food marketers.

1.They use spokes-characters that kids love!

5 Reasons Parents Are ‘No Match’ for Fast Food Marketers

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For example, they use the M&M’s characters, Tony The Tiger (Frosted Flakes), Toucan Sam (Froot Loops), Ronald McDonald and the list goes on. Throughout history companies and marketers have used characters geared towards children promoting unhealthy food.

2. It’s everywhere; low cost targeting through website, banners, apps, SMS ads and push notifications.

No matter how hard you try to hide these ads from your children every single time they go online or use an electronic device there is a chance of being exposed to advertising content.

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Source from http://www.zoomwebmedia.com/blog/digital-marketing-agency-canada/

3. Behavioural targeting based on where kids go online.

Behavioural targeting is a technique used by advertisers to utilize a web user's previous web browsing behaviour to customize the types of ads they receive. What does this mean? They can find where your children go online and specifically target those behaviours.

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4. Use of ‘Advergames’ - fun addictive video games with advertising.

5 Reasons Parents Are ‘No Match’ for Fast Food Marketers


5. There is no restriction on the amount of food and beverage advertising done online.

Although Quebec does have some restrictions towards advertising, the rest of Canada has no restriction on the number of ads that reach our children. Twenty-five million food and beverage ads is a huge and growing number.

So what do we do?

With the huge online influence in our world, we need to join together as a community to find alternatives for our children. In an article on evidencenetwork.ca they stated:

“Fortunately, in Canada, we do have a model that works. Quebec has banned all commercial advertising to children 13 and under since 1980. It is now time that the rest of Canada followed suit. We should also expand the restriction to teenagers and ensure legislation covers the full scope of marketing.”

Putting a restriction on advertising across Canada would be a huge win, but we also need healthy alternatives for our children. The Healthy Owl has created deliciously healthy, low calorie/low fat baked goods, snacks & meals all prepared from scratch right here in our kitchen. These healthy alternatives can replace the fast food urges that our kids are having.

Our founder, Lora-Lee says, “once they try it, children love our snacks, treats and meals. Examples are Banana Chip Bars (with bananas, whole wheat flour, and oatmeal), Healthy Bites (mini versions of our low-fat/low-calorie muffins), and Chocolate ‘Moose’ Bars (yogurt, applesauce, egg whites, cocoa/bakers chocolate)".

The Healthy Owl

Bring in your children and come try our “Box of Bites”.

These Healthy Bites are a mini version of our low-calorie and low-fat muffins. We baked them in small batches every day with no additives or artificial ingredients keeping them ‘fresh’ and healthy!

5 Reasons Parents Are ‘No Match’ for Fast Food Marketers

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