Release Endorphins and Beat Depression with Pilates

Release Endorphins and Beat Depression with Pilates

Endorphins are a “feel-good” compound that triggers the mind into a positive place and with exercise can reduce the feeling of depression.

Endorphins are a natural chemical created in your brain that interacts with special receptors to reduce your perception of pain. They also trigger a positive feeling which increases the anti-depression aspect much like exercises like Pilates. Pilates is great for improving your core strength, stability, posture, and balance and to help with depression and feelings of anxiety.

Because mood boosting endorphins are naturally released whenever you physically exert yourself, Pilates are a great way to ward off depression. Sometimes when you are feeling depressed you don’t want to do anything, but moving and stretching is so helpful and because of the gentle stretching Pilates provides, there is not as much stress involved as a more intense work-out at the gym. Any exercise you can do daily without taking too much time out of your day takes away any excuses you may have for exercising in the first place. Since Pilates doesn't necessarily require any equipment, when you are feeling down, you can get on the mat and beat the blues with a gentle Pilates workout or get out of your home and get to a Pilates class.

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Endorphin Release

Why Pilates helps with depression has to do with mindset. When you begin working out, your Pilates sessions make you feel better physically and mentally. Improved muscle mass, fat and weight loss, healthier skin tone and more energy, also make you feel good about yourself. This creates a happy and healthy cycle that leads to more exercise, better results and improved mood.

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As you see the results on your body and in the way you feel, your outlook can rapidly go from feeling down to confident and happy. So if you are feeling blue or under the weather, why not try Pilates?

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