Athletes get the Edge with Pilates Improving their Game

Athletes get the Edge with Pilates Improving their Game

When you are an athlete it is important to be flexible, have stability and core strength which comes from having good posture and balance gained from Pilates.

Pilates focuses on strengthening abdominal and core muscles through hundreds of very specific movements. This will help prevent injury and improve performance, especially in the competitive world of sports.

Pilates has become popular among professional football players looking for an edge. Pilates can facilitate more efficient movement on the field.

Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers uses Pilates as an integral part of his training routine and says, "It's not like weight training; it's all about control and body position, which receivers like myself need the most

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Antonio Brown

An athlete’s goal is to execute motions, exercises, or even big plays during the game with as little to no effort as possible even when the pressure is on.

Adding Pilates to sports training helps the body learn to execute these moves not only automatically, but with proper biomechanics. Using the core and deeper intrinsic muscles to move the arms and legs can prevent injuries.

Over time, Pilates helps athletes to learn to move smarter, not harder. And it’s not just about making it to the professional level. Once National status is attained, pro athletes need to do serious recovery work during the peak of the season just to keep functioning. Pilates targets the overused, strained areas that most need attention.

Working on balance, stability, and regaining symmetry between length and strength is all done via resistance to their own body weight or Pilates apparatus. Muscles mobilize better when the joints are freely moving, encouraging optimal performance. A consistent mind-body connection and strong joints makes athletes less prone to injury, especially during the peak of the season when the risk is high. Reinforcing the fundamentals of how the body should properly move can help give athletes the extra surge of energy necessary to gear them up for playoffs.

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Joseph Pilates

It is important that you work with a trained Pilates Instructor for optimum results. Jocelyne, owner of The Cornerstone Pilates would be happy to discuss a program that fits your goals.

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