Informed movement is the "cornerstone" for long-lasting outcome

Informed movement is the "cornerstone" for long-lasting outcome

We are Burlington's Premier Movement Studio, where we teach contemporary Pilates based on modern principles of exercise with a strong focus in rehabilitation

The Cornerstone Pilates

At The Cornerstone Pilates, our mission is to teach movement. We combine the study and discipline of the biomechanics of the body in motion combined with the basic principles taught by Joseph Pilates for a whole integrated approach to moving the body. Re-learn to move in an intelligent way with our workouts designed in varying levels of complexity from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Our goal is to help you feel your best every time you step foot outside the studio and to fall in love with the way your body moves.

"A few well-designed movements properly performed in a balanced sequence are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion." - Joseph Pilates

We offer Pilates classes to all levels ranging from beginner to advanced; mat, springboard, reformer and ELDOA. We also offer one-on-one sessions whether you are in post-rehab or prefer the attention of a qualified instructor to push you to new limits, we have what you need.

Our classes:

• Mat classes

• Springboard classes

• Reformer classes

• ELDOA classes

• Parent/Infant Classes

The Cornerstone Pilates

Our Team

Jocelyne Pelchat, Studio Founder, Pilates Instructor Groups & Privates, Teacher Trainer

I am someone who never ceases to learn and to challenge herself. I believe in feeling good on the outside and on the inside, and for me, Pilates is the gateway to doing just that.

Caleigh Kierstead, Pilates Instructor Groups and Privates

Having been introduced to Pilates through dance, I discovered the benefits first hand, from day-to-day wellness to injury prevention and recovery

Zhanna Strilets, Pilates Instructor - Group Classes

I came to a Pilates class after having my child to get back in shape and found that it was so much more. I am always fascinated how much better you are at connecting to your body

Hélène Reid, Pilates Instructor - Group Classes

It was in postpartum recovery, with a need to find long-term solution to chronic headaches and back pain, that I discovered Pilates. Pilates allows me to feel better and live better

The Cornerstone Pilates


Pilates has changed my life. After 4 back surgeries I was very skeptical about working out again. Jocelyne from The Cornerstone Pilates changed all that. I've been practicing Pilates with Jocelyne for about a year and half and the difference in my mobility and pain level is night and day. Thank you Jocelyne for sharing your passion with me and teaching me about the power of movement!”- MaryAnne L.

The Cornerstone Pilates

The Cornerstone Pilates

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