5 very good reasons for a cloud POS system

5 very good reasons for a cloud POS system

llll➤ You are wondering why a cloud-based POS system is the right choice? Here you will find out 5 reasons for this. ✅

Digitization has long been in full swing and modern technology is also making itself felt in retail - even payments are made using the cloud.

How does a cloud cash register system work?

In principle, a cloud-based POS system can be installed on any internet-enabled tablet, computer or smartphone. Every process carried out in the app is saved securely on the server via the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

Nevertheless, for many entrepreneurs, the accommodation of their data within a cloud POS system is still a mysterious undertaking that they would like to avoid. After all, you can't really grasp this cloud.

Tradition or progress? In this article we would like to bring you closer to the advantages of a cloud POS system and show you how this solution can significantly simplify day-to-day business.

Data can be called up from anywhere and anytime

A cloud POS system gives you freedom and independence. After all, you can track and access your sales from anywhere in the world. So you know the current numbers even if you can't stand in the shop.

You can see which employees are currently selling the most and how much of which products is being sold and when - even in all of your branches. Good systems can be operated without technical affinity and are intuitive to use.

A cloud cash register system guarantees maximum data security

Data security is a big issue in the field of cloud cash register systems - especially in Germany. Vendors of POS systems are of course aware of this, because after all, it is sensitive customer data that they and we want to protect.

With our Tillhub POS system, your data is stored on German servers in a GoBD-compliant manner, so you don't have to worry about important information getting into the wrong hands or even being lost.

With the upcoming new KassenSichV (the Kassensicherungsverordnung 2020) it is now worthwhile to switch to a cloud-based iPad POS system, because the required technical security device (TSE), which is now legally mandatory, is no problem with a Tillhub POS system.

Regular updates ensure perfect operation

Cloud POS system providers can regularly update their POS software so that you can always enjoy error-free handling.

So if there are new functions or changes in the law that need to be adapted, the system automatically provides you with an update that brings your system up to date.

On the one hand, this represents a financial advantage because your cash register can be regularly equipped with new functions without having to buy a new device.

A cloud POS system is usually cheap to buy

In contrast to old cash registers, cloud POS systems are very cheap to buy and are often compatible with a variety of hardware.

As a user, you are not forced to use a specific device for a specific software. So you can use an old tablet, smartphone or even a laptop to operate.

With Tillhub you can even pay monthly or annually and use your own compatible hardware, such as your iPhone. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to make decisions spontaneously and to start very inexpensively with a cloud POS system.

Even if the WLAN fails, the till is ready for use

Losing the Internet connection is annoying, but it can happen. As a shopkeeper, you have neither the time nor the leisure to deal with the problem immediately.

The nice thing about What is a POS system? is that you can continue working offline. The device initially stores all relevant processes locally and sends the data to the cloud as soon as there is an internet connection again. So you don't have to panic if the internet connection breaks down or you want to work mobile without a connection.