How to Choose a Professional Resume Writer

How to Choose a Professional Resume Writer
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Using communication techniques and best practices from recruiters, employers and hiring managers, such as the STAR technique, we will meet with clients, in-person or virtually, to help them feel more confident and ready for an interview.

We will teach you how to prepare adequately, provide questions that you may be asked during an interview, as well as techniques to structure your answers, stay calm under pressure and leave a positive impression on an employer. We will also review or help you write a follow up communication thanking your interviewer for meeting with you promptly after your interview.

Do I Need a Cover Letter to Apply for a Job?

In most cases, yes, a well-written cover letter customized to the job posting will add value to a job application. It gives you a chance to tell (and sell) an employer why you’re an ideal candidate, and show off your communication skills. However, a poorly constructed cover letter with spelling or grammatical errors can hurt your chances of an interview, even if you have an impressive resume.

If you are applying for a job through an online platform, and there is no place to include a cover letter, it is completely acceptable not to include one with your resume.

Our standard cover letters include a “master” document in Microsoft Word format and two revisions for specific job opportunities. A cover letter may include a 60-90 minute consultation if purchased with resume services in Canada.

What Should I Include on my Resume I am a New Graduate with Very Little Work Experience?

You will to need start your resume by thinking beyond “work” in the traditional sense. Think about your answers to these questions as a starting point:

Were you on clubs or sports teams in high school, college or university?

Did you volunteer in your community?

Did you win any awards or scholarships?

Do you have letters of recommendation from internships, co-operative education placements, professors or teachers?

All of this information will help you tell employers and hiring managers why you would be a fantastic addition to their organization; we can help you communicate your unique value on your resume.

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