How can Canada improve health care?

How can Canada improve health care?
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Why U.S Providers and Payers prefer Corolar Cloud for interoperability on Azure?

Reduce effort by 50% for ingesting clinical and non-clinical healthcare data from on-premise systems into Microsoft Azure.

Programmatically capture metadata from health systems and develop data dictionaries and catalogs for healthcare transformation projects on Azure.

Reduce time to value on your healthcare analytics projects on Azure.

Extend the life of your on-premise EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems by seamlessly moving patient health data into Azure and providing APIs based access.

Improve interoperability across clinical and non-clinical applications with Corolar’s HL7, C-CDA, FHIR capabilities in your hybrid cloud environment.

HL7 integration on Microsoft Azure is a breeze with Corolar

Interface lifecycle management removes waste from the healthcare integration by getting rid of ad hoc processes. You’ll be able to do more with less, and as a result, drive patient engagement, collaborative care, pop health analytics, and other innovative interoperability needs. With Corolar Cloud your healthcare interoperability projects’ will see faster time to value.

With Corolar Cloud analysts’ can efficiently manage the integration lifecycle compared to coding developer-centric integration platforms. Corolar Cloud gives you greater control over the entire integration lifecycle.

Corolar Cloud, healthcare (iPaaS) on Microsoft Azure

We built the Corolar Cloud healthcare solution for hospitals to allow .NET and Azure developers to design, deploy, and manage the entire healthcare integration lifecycle on the best hyper cloud; Microsoft Azure. Corolar Cloud, the Azure native Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) includes everything you need to solve even the most complex HL7, C-CDA, FHIR, IHE, EDI, and any other healthcare integration challenges without sacrificing ease of use, speed, and agility.

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