The sorrowful life of an everyday outdoor sign maker

The sorrowful life of an everyday outdoor sign maker
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Every day, signs are quickly read, understood, followed, and then just as quickly, forgotten about.

But have you ever read a sign that sicks with you? That leaves and impression and makes you say something profound like “I really like that Sign”.

With something as mundane and unstimulating as outdoor signage, it takes something special to leave an impact. Below are some of my favourites, that did just that.

wembley park custom signs

Wembley Park:

With a very thematic astroturf backing and bold lettering, the signs around one of the countries biggest landmarks really make an impact on the millions of visitors every year. I’d say they knocked it out the park!

missguided signage design


This ladies fashion giant needed to make a ‘Insta worthy’ impact when they opened their flagship store in 2016. With bold, branded metallic lettering, placed centrally in the store front, they definitely stated their name, and looked good doing it.

whipsnade zoo bespoke signs

Whipsnade Zoo:

ZSL Whipsnade, the UK’s largest zoo, have created a range of branded signs that were robust, out-standing, and universally applicable around the park. This included a main welcome sign that will inevitably double as a climbing frame.

pizza union shop interior commerical signs

Pizza Union:

Okay, I admit; whilst the exposed brick and large windows may create the illusion of being outside, this next one isn’t technically an outdoor sign. However, with neon slowly yet steadily crawling its way back into fashion, Pizza Union’s branded signs were hard to ignore. Complimenting their directional and branded signs is a large neon lion’s head, complete with crown. Awesome.

And the real kicker? The one piece of vital information that takes these outdoor signs from impressive to extraordinary?

They were all designed, built, and installed by the same company. John Anthony Signs are not the ‘everyday sign maker’ you envisaged previously. They’re a leading, creative, bespoke sign manufacturer, creating stand-out signage for some of the biggest companies around the world. If you or your company are interested in having signs that show your personality, style, and brand; this is the company to talk to.