Understanding Lubricating Greases

Understanding Lubricating Greases
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You can develop the perfect machine that delivers exactly the right performance at high speed and low cost, but if you fail to make the right choice of the lubricant, that perfect machine will die an early death. Properly specified and maintained, lubrication is the single most straightforward way for OEMs and end-users alike to ensure top performance and lifetime for a machine. All too often, however, lubrication gets pushed aside for other, seemingly more important tasks.

Lubrication is a process which aims at reducing friction between two moving pieces. When two surfaces come in contact with one another, a fluid must be injected to separate them. The word greasing applies when grease is used to lubricate.

Lubricating grease is a mixture of three main components: lubricating fluid, performance enhancing additives, and thickener. The lubricating fluid can be petroleum-derived lubricating oil, any of various synthetic lubricating fluids, or vegetable-based oil. The lubricating fluid is usually the majority component in the grease formulation.

The additives are typically present in relatively low concentrations, and are added to the grease to provide enhancement in one of multiple performance areas. The thickener is what sets grease apart from liquid lubricants. This component gives the grease the property of consistency, making the product semi-solid rather than liquid. Many different chemical compounds can be used to thicken grease.

Getting the best performance and longest operating life out of a grease requires careful attention to the specifications and monitoring your operations to make sure you stay within those specifications.

The process of choosing a lubricant must take into account the functional conditions of the lubricating mechanism and in particular the working temperature, the pressure force, the relative velocity and the environment conditions. Oil and grease manufacturers are the most qualified to determine which lubricant to use according to the mechanism to be lubricated.

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