Diamond Eternity Rings Guide | How to Wear Them?

Diamond Eternity Rings Guide | How to Wear Them?

Diamond Eternity Rings Guide | How to Wear Them?

Diamond Eternity Rings are steeped in tradition. Like many luxurious pieces of jewellery, how it is worn, and whether it is worn correctly is almost as important as what it looks like. Eternity Rings offers the possessor slightly more freedom in how they choose to wear it, and why that is will now be explained.

Diamond Eternity Style Rings

Traditionally diamond eternity-style rings are worn on the left hand's ring finger along with the engagement ring and the wedding band. These three types of rings can usually be worn in whichever order is more comfortable or convenient for you.

Perhaps originally the idea was that whichever order they were given in was the order in which they should be worn, with the engagement ring first, followed by the wedding ring, and lastly the diamond eternity DR ring. However since some people prefer to remove diamond rings when performing messy or menial tasks, they may prefer to put the wedding band on first, meaning that it can be left on the finger and the other rings can be removed more easily.

Ring Style

The addition of a diamond eternity ring may sometimes prove uncomfortable or cumbersome when worn with two other rings on the same finger and for this reason some people choose to wear their diamond eternity style ring on the ring finger of their right hand instead. It is also not unheard of for people to substitute both the engagement ring and the wedding band for just a diamond eternity style ring, wearing this on the left hand ring finger.

Personal Choice

Whether you decide to follow tradition or just like to be different really doesn't matter. Which finger you wear your diamond eternity ring on really comes down to a matter of personal choice for comfort or aesthetic beauty. You may simply prefer to wear rings on both hands so that their individual character and sparkle can be admired separately, or maybe you would prefer to group all of your rings together on just one finger for a greater dazzling impact.


However, one important thing to remember is to decide which finger you will be wearing your diamond ring on before you purchase it, or soon after you have been given it. Although normally if a diamond eternity ring fits on one hand it should fit on the other, it is possible for the ring finger on one hand to be a different size to the ring finger on the other hand.