Get That Cracked RV Windshield Repaired | Tips to Follow!

Get That Cracked RV Windshield Repaired | Tips to Follow!

Get That Cracked RV Windshield Repaired | Tips to Follow!

Almost all rock chips and cracks can be repaired. Allowing safe driving behind the repaired windshield is the number one goal of RV windshield repair from The second goal is to prevent further cracking and to reduce glare that distracts the driver and creates safety issues.

RV windshield repair is inexpensive compared to RV windshield replacement. Repair eliminates problems associated with replacement such as leaking, wind whistle or RV windshield failure due to airbag deployment. This can and always has been a real problem when RV windshields are not installed to original equipment manufacture Specifications by trained RV windshield replacement technicians.

RV windshield Chip and Crack Repair

RV windshield chip and crack repair technicians need training to perform quality repairs that look good and make the RV windshield safe again by returning structural integrity. Some RV windshield repairs look bad and should be scrutinized as possible RV windshield failure or cracking could occur and require replacement of the RV windshield. Bad repairs are common when improper techniques are used.

Anyone can put a drop of resin on a chipped RV windshield and call it repaired. Improper repairs such as dropping resin, will almost always fail. Proper technique requires removal of moisture and air that entered the chip/crack upon impact or over time. Removal of moisture and air requires that the chip/crack be put in a vacuum to remove air and moisture, This requires specialized RV windshield repair equipment such as injectors capable of applying a strong vacuum for this purpose and able to inject RV windshield resin properly for a complete repair.

Proper RV windshield Repair Takes a Little Time

First the injector/vacuum unit must be properly placed over the chip/crack. By placing the unit in vacuum mode the moisture and air can be removed from the chip/crack. Setup procedures and vacuum stages take about 10 minutes each unless lots of moisture remains in the crack where upon requiring the heating of the RV windshield glass to the proper temperature to vaporize the moisture. This allows the vacuum to remove any remaining water vapor.

Second the injector must now be prepared to inject the resin into the chip/crack to begin the RV windshield repair. The injector needs to be placed in injection mode and then cycled between injection mode and vacuum mode until resin fills the chip/crack completely. Forth curing is required to harden the resin. The time it takes will vary depending on temperature and normally will take about 5 to 7 minutes and then excess resin is removed using a razor blade and the area is polished to optical quality.


At this point if the repair is done properly all is good if not done properly you are stuck with a big problem as once the RV windshield has been repaired you can't fix that same spot again. Repairs must be done right the first time. With proper care you will never have any issues with that repair spot again.