Which Is The Best Month To Perform Umrah?

Which Is The Best Month To Perform Umrah?

Umrah is the sunnah of Holy Prophet PBUH and every Muslim dream of performing it as many times as possible.

Umrah in Ramadan

Which Is The Best Month To Perform Umrah?

In Ramadan, the travel companies offer several types of 5-stars Umrah package deals because the majority of Muslims prefer to perform Umrah in the Holy month of Ramadan. The packages different travel agencies offer include hotel booking in Makkah and Madinah. These packages include not only flights but also the best Ramadan offer. So, if you are looking for the best month to perform Umrah, because you don’t want to travel and stay but must focus on your worship, you should avail the Ramadan packages.

Performing Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan brings peace and spiritual relief. The significance of doing umrah in Ramadan is pre-eminent but it is also true that during the month of Ramadan, the premises of Makkah and Madinah experience a massive crowd and rush. The hotels, flights, and transports are booked at this time of year. If you still want to go in the month of Ramadan and multiply your Umrah reward seventy times, you should avail of the umrah package at least 2 to 3 months before the month of Ramadan. To avail better hotels and reasonable flight tickets, booking is ideal for you. Last-minute booking will cost you much more.

Umrah in Vacations

It is also a good time for many people as the schools and colleges are closed during summer vacations. However, if you are planning to perform Umrah this month with your family, make sure to book in advance as flights and hotel bookings get difficult in this season because of the rush. Also, the weather in June, July, and August are hot there. So, if you don’t want to perform the trip in scorching heat with kids, you should avoid these months.

Umrah in December

December is known as the best month for performing Umrah as the weather in Makkah and Madinah is pleasant, and it is the end of Hajj season the places are crowd-free. At this time of the year, you can avail the best deals and packages if you are looking for cheap tickets. If you have children and old people with you, you can find the month of December perfect for the visit. In many countries, the month of December is also for vacations because of cold weather. So it is suitable for school-going children.

Umrah in the Springtime

Pilgrims can have a hard time performing Umrah in the months of summer. Whereas the spring is pleasant in Saudi Arabia and the temperature is not too low nor too high. These months are the months between February and May. If you want a peaceful umrah with your elders and kids, you should book your Umrah in these months.

What is the best time to perform an easy Umrah?

If you cannot afford to perform Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan because of personal circumstances such as you have old people or children in your family, or you are tight on budget, you can avoid booking in Ramadan. Instead, choose other months for travelling. If you are seeking a hassle-free Umrah, so that you can perform the rituals in a relaxed and uninterrupted manner, you should book your package right after the month of Hajj. The months of Muharram and Safar are also the best months to travel. These months are the start of the season, so your application will process fast, and you can perform a smooth Umrah.