Why Drink Fair Trade Coffee?

Why Drink Fair Trade Coffee?

Because while drinking your daily coffee you can help the planet and the farmers at the same time.

Fair Trade coffee (& teas for that matter) means:

1. The farmers and producers that grow the coffee we drink are being paid fairly for their work (usually in developing countries).

2. Fair trade farmers use farming practices that protect & nurture the environment.

3. Fair Trade ensures there is no child labour, creates healthy workplaces & strengthen worker's rights.

4. Supports community development (initiatives such as local schools, nurseries for small children, water wells, community kitchens, etc.)

5. Fair Trade builds a brighter future with the people who grow & make the products we all enjoy!

As Fair Trade Canada promotes please "Think Fair. Be Fair. Buy Fair"

For more information about Fair Trade please visit www.fairtrade.ca

For Spanish and English information please visit Fair Trade Colombia on Facebook.

To have a personal chat as to why fair trade is good for your local business please feel free to contact Yury Wu - owner of the first Fair Trade Coffee Shop in Oakville "Taste of Colombia" at 416-568-5707 or visit the cafe's page on the following social media platforms:

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