5 human organs, the real purpose of which many do not even know

5 human organs, the real purpose of which many do not even know

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It may seem to those living in the 21st century that there are no unsolved mysteries left in the world. It seems that humanity has answered all the questions and thoroughly knows about the structure of our Universe ...

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In fact, there are still plenty of white spots. Moreover, scientists are not always able to explain even the purpose of some human organs!

And our today's story will be about the mysteries of the human body.


We all know from school that the tailbone is a rudimentary tail that has atrophied in the process of evolution as unnecessary.

Nevertheless, this part of the body still performs a number of important functions.

The tailbone serves to attach many ligaments and muscles that are needed for the functioning of the intestines and the genitourinary system. In addition, it is needed to distribute the load when changing body position.


At one time, doctors seriously suggested removing the appendix immediately at birth, considering it an atavism. But new research has shown that this offshoot has a very important mission!

The appendix is ​​a kind of incubator for beneficial bacteria!

Glands (tonsils)

The tonsils are a collection of lymphoid tissue in the nasopharynx. If they become inflamed, then often doctors simply remove them, because the effect of the tonsils on the body is insignificant.

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Nevertheless, the tonsils have a big role to play. They are a kind of filter, taking on the attack of pathogens, preventing infection from entering the lungs.

Nipples in men

Male nipples are completely non-functional. However, at first, both male and female embryos develop in the same way. This is due to the fact that the male Y chromosome is initially inactive and “turns on” only in the second month of embryonic development.

So far, no one has really studied what function the nipples perform in a man. It is only known that many nerve endings are concentrated there.

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Paranasal sinuses

Scientists have not yet been able to reach a consensus on the true purpose of the paranasal sinuses. There are several versions at once, each of which has the right to exist.

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They can warm and humidify inhaled air, participate in the formation of the voice, acting as a resonator, and also act as a shock buffer for head injuries.

Yes, the human body is a real space, in which there are still many unsolved mysteries and mysteries. And if you liked this article, recommend it to your friends.

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