12.Unexpected weaknesses of famous villains

12.Unexpected weaknesses of famous villains

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Bloody dictators, murderers and rapists are often considered demons, who are alien to everything human. However, no matter how difficult it is to believe it, each of them led a completely ordinary life, communicated with people, had his own everyday habits and weaknesses. And some of these habits sometimes reveal to us monsters in human form from a new, unexpected side.

Hitler loved his dog

Hitler was so fond of his dog, the German shepherd Blondie, that he allowed her to sleep with him in the same bed. This, according to the testimony of his secretary, even served as the subject of periodic quarrels between Hitler and his bride Eva Braun. When Soviet troops entered Berlin, Hitler put the Blondie to sleep, fearing that the Soviet soldiers would torture the animal.

John Wayne Gacy did charity work

The serial killer, responsible for the death of 33 young men, was actively involved in social activities. He was the treasurer of a charity and was active in collecting electoral donations for the Democratic Party, of which he was a strong supporter and longtime member. Once he was even asked to take a photo with the then first lady of America, Rosalyn Carter. In this photo, next to the first lady is a man, in whose basement dozens of corpses of victims tortured by him were already lying.

Kim Jong Il loved horror movies

Kim Jong Il carefully protected his subjects from the influence of Western culture, but he himself enjoyed it to the fullest. The Korean dictator loved horror films and amassed a collection of 20,000 films on videotapes and DVDs. He even wrote several articles on the art of directing in the genre of "horror" - they say they are quite sensible. And his favorite film was, according to rumors, "Friday the 13th".

Saddam Hussein fought against illiteracy

The Iraqi dictator was by no means a reactionary - on the contrary, a progressive! At least when it comes to the literacy of the population. It was he who introduced compulsory schooling in Iraq. An attempt to hide a child 6 years and older from school was punishable by imprisonment for ignorant parents. At the same time, both boys and girls had to receive compulsory education. In the fourth year of his reign, Hussein even received a special award from UNESCO - "For the eradication of illiteracy."

Timothy McVeigh was a talented hacker

One of the most famous American terrorists, Timothy McVeigh, blew up a building in Oklahoma in 1995. During the attack, 168 people were killed. Meanwhile, in his youth, Timothy was a talented hacker - working on the antediluvian Commodore 64 computer, he easily hacked American government systems in his school years. But since Timothy's studies were generally average, the teachers considered his fascination with the computer pampering. And if they would have supported the boy, you see, and would have become the second Zuckerberg.

Charles Manson wrote a song for the Beach Boys

Charles Manson, a criminal and murderer who spent half his life in prison, once lived in San Francisco, where he met a member of the famous Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson. They even recorded a dozen songs together - rumored to be quite strong. And one of the songs written by Manson entered the permanent repertoire of the famous group. True, the future brutal killer called her 'Cease to Exist' - and the Beach Boys, with their characteristic optimism, gave it a new name - 'Never Learn Not to Love'.

Stalin wrote poetry

Joseph Dzhugashvili wrote poetry in his youth, and some of them were even published in literary magazines. But then he got carried away with revolutionary work and in 1907 completely abandoned versification, declaring that it only distracts from underground activities. Or maybe it would be better to write poetry?

Lizzie Borden loved animals

An American from Massachusetts, Lizzie Borden became famous in the late 19th century thanks to the high-profile murder of her father and stepmother, who were hacked to death with an ax. Lizzie was accused of this crime, but the court still acquitted her, although there was enough evidence, and most of the witnesses to the trial continued to consider her the murderer. Lizzie Borden died of pneumonia in 1927, after which it turned out that she left all her savings - about $ 30 thousand dollars - to a local animal shelter. It seems that Lizzie Borden loved animals more than people.

Fred Phelps

The famous Baptist pastor and preacher has dedicated his entire life to fighting against the LGBT community and the rights of sexual minorities. However, oddly enough, at the same time he was just as tireless in protecting human rights - of course, a person of traditional orientation. He became the founder and head of a law firm that defended the rights of African Americans and for many years fought against any form of racial discrimination as fiercely as he did against homosexuals.

Ted Bundy rescued would-be suicides

Serial killer Ted Bundy, who took the lives of several dozen people, often lured victims, using his charming voice and ability to gain confidence in a person. However, before becoming a murderer, he used his abilities for a much better cause: in the mid-1970s, the future maniac worked on a hotline for those who no longer saw the meaning in their lives and were thinking about suicide. They say he was a talented psychologist and dissuaded many people from taking the last step.

Osama bin Laden loved the 1980s TV series

Terrorist # 1 had the most delicate tastes in popular culture. While declaring his hatred of America many times, he also adored the American TV series of the 1980s, both comedy and romantic. His preferences include the teenage series The Wonderful Years, Miami Police Department of Morals and the adventure series MacGyver. However, bin Laden's biggest personal secret was that he was in love with Whitney Houston for many years and even planned the murder of her husband in order to possibly win her heart later.

Hell's Angels Buying Bicycles for Homeless Kids

Previously, Hell's Angels were considered one of the most dangerous motorcycle gangs in America. But now the guys have settled down and got down to good deeds. Two years ago, on Christmas Day, Hells Angels bought bicycles from a Wal-Mart supermarket for five days to distribute to homeless children for the holidays. Truly a Christmas rebirth!

Jeffrey Dahmer had excellent acting skills

Another killer whose talents were overlooked during his school years. Jeffrey Dyer, the man-eating killer who took the lives of 17 young men, during his school years was distinguished by weirdness and ... good artistic abilities. His classmates were dying of laughter, watching him, wandering around the shops, portray a disabled person, and so dexterously that everyone around him sympathized with the feigned cripple. Maybe the guy should have been sent to acting school - and 17 murders would not have happened?

Eileen Wuornos - Artist Maniac

Eileen Wuornos is the most famous female maniac in the United States, a prostitute who killed 17 men. But, as it turned out already in prison, Eileen had a taste not only for murder. She loved to draw, and during her imprisonment she drew many beautiful, complex in plot and pictorial series of paintings. She continued to paint until her execution in 2002.

Richard Nixon loved sitcoms

The infamous President of the United States, who became the hero of the Watergate scandal, turned out to have a good sense of humor. According to eyewitnesses, he loved comedy series, and his favorite was the sitcom "Gilligan's Island", the heroes of which, as a result of the crash, find themselves on a desert island and lead the life of Robinsons. Maybe Nixon was considering such an opportunity after the impeachment?

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