The story of a life-saving impostor surgeon

The story of a life-saving impostor surgeon

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In 1921, in Massachusetts, Ferdinand Waldo Demara was born into the family of a theater owner. Due to the busyness of his father, he could not get a good education, but the guy always wanted to break out "into the people". And for this he had to go to such tricks that even Ostap Bender would envy.

According to Demard, if a person could not get an education, then a diploma and other documents need to be forged. So, using forged papers, he was able to get a job as an engineer, then as a lawyer and teacher. However, the pinnacle of Ferdinand's career was the work of a ship surgeon, of course, with a fake diploma.

In the early 1950s, during the Korean War, he had to demonstrate his skills despite his lack of education. During the hostilities, 16 crew members were seriously injured, and the only surgeon on the ship had to operate on the wounded.

Having ordered the patients to be sent to the operating room, Demara went to his cabin and began leafing through a textbook on surgery. Having looked superficially, the impostor doctor without hesitation took up the scalpel. Surprisingly, none of the 16 injured people died, although from the very beginning such injuries doomed the military to death. All newspapers wrote about the valiant act of the surgeon.

However, the scam was exposed: the article was read by the mother of Joseph Kair, a real surgeon, under whose documents Ferdinand introduced himself. Despite the exposure, the entire crew of the warship refused to believe that the person who was able to save so many lives did not really understand anything about surgery. They didn't even start a criminal case against Demard and he just went home.

However, now an end was put up on Ferdinand's scams: people recognized him on the streets. And although he managed to get a job as a psychologist in one of the prisons, soon the pseudo-psychologist recognized the same surgeon who operated on people without education. So Ferdinand lost his job again.

Only at the age of 46 did Demara receive a real diploma from Bible College.

German woman Sophie Scholl, executed in Germany in 1943

German woman Sophie Scholl, executed in Germany in 1943 for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets.

Her last words: “How can virtue triumph when practically no one is willing to sacrifice himself for her? Such a beautiful sunny day, and I have to go. "

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