Game of Thrones: why did Cersei's prophecy come true?

Game of Thrones: why did Cersei's prophecy come true?

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Since season five and Maggy the Frog's prophecy, that secure Cersei Lannister a dark future, we tend to we tend tore certain we had deciphered the that means of her cryptic words and that we expected to ascertain it come back true before the tip of the series. If initially look all failed to come back true, on nearer review, it might be that the witch was right. Explanations. WARNING! this text CONTAINS SPOILERS ON GAME OF THRONES SEASON eight EPISODE 5!

Remember, within the 1st episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones, a flashback told U.S. that in her childhood, Cersei had received a prophecy from Maggy The Frog concerning her future:

Queen you may be, […] till another one comes, younger and additional stunning, to bring you down and take over all that's pricey to you. […] Him sixteen and you 3. […] Gold are going to be their crowns and gold their shrouds, […]

In the novels of martyr RR Martin, the prophecy goes any and Maggy refers to his death:

And once your tears have submerged you, the hands of the valonqar can tighten around your white throat and cause you to exhale your last breath of life.

If a part of the prophecy had already come back true within the 1st seven seasons (Cersei did become queen, and lost her 3 children), we tend to were still anticipating the remainder to return true and halficular|especially|specially|particularly|above all|specifically} the last part.

For years, the foremost sedulous fans thought so that her valonqar (of the high Valyrian that designates "little brother") was reaching to kill her along with his hands. It may so be Tyrion or Jaime (her twin, born some minutes when her). Still, Cersei's death within the series' penultimate episode did not quite go as planned, that failed to fail to frustrate some viewers.

On nearer review, this prophecy failed to extremely indicate that her "little brother" was reaching to kill her along with his hands, however that the latter's hands tightened round her neck at the time of his last breath of life. and that is specifically what happened.

After collapsing in tears in his arms ( and once your tears have submerged you ), Jaime tightened his hands (good ok, HIS hand) around his neck ( the valonqar's hands can tighten around your white throat ) , before the 2 twins die below the scrap of the Red Keep ( can cause you to exhale your last breath of life ). Note additionally that the baby that Cersei was carrying at that point can ne'er have seen the sunshine of day, that confirms the 3 youngsters mentioned by Maggy the Frog.

As for the younger and additional stunning queen World Health Organization came to kill her to seize all that's pricey to her, it goes while not voice communication that Daenerys, currently the Mad Queen, ticks all the boxes utterly.

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